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GHCL Limited | Company Product List


Profile of the Company GHCL Limited, Business Segments, Financials, Products and the brands of the Company, Chemical, Textile division, and Chairman.

GHCL Limited was incorporated on 14th of October 1983 and since then, it has established itself as a well-diversified group with a market capitalisation of almost Rs 3000 Crores. It has ascertained its footprints in 

  • Chemicals, 
  • Textiles and 
  • Consumer Products segments.

Its shares are listed with the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The registered office of the Company is located at GHCL House, Opp. Punjabi Hall, Near Navrangpura Bus Stand, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380 009, Gujarat.

GHCL Limited

The Company is engaged in primarily two segments consisting of Inorganic Chemicals (mainly manufacture and sale of Soda Ash) and Home Textile division (comprising of yarn manufacturing, weaving, processing and cutting and sewing of home textiles products).

The company is the second largest manufacturer of Soda Ash in India with 25% market share and 11 lakh MTPA MT capacity. It also has a strong FMCG presence in South India with edible salt, honey and spices. The Company brands Sapan & i-FLO are well accepted among Category A stores in Major Southern cities.

GHCL Ltd is also one of the largest integrated textile manufacturers and exporters in India.

ghcl limited financials

Chemicals Product Division

In the Chemicals sector, the company manufactures Soda Ash (Anhydrous Sodium Carbonate), a major raw material for detergents, glass & ceramics industries and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). The company has a Soda Ash manufacturing plant at Sutrapada in Gujarat with an installed production capacity of 975 Thousand MTPA and is in the process of expanding it by another 125 Thousand MTPA by 2019. 

GHCL Soda Ash is available in two grades –light and dense grade and is marketed in India under the brand name ‘LION’. GHCL also has lignite mines at Khadsaliya in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat to supply the raw material needed for the production of Soda ash. GHCL produces 60 Thousand MTPA of Sodium Bicarbonate which is an important raw material for industries like bakery, pharma, fire extinguisher manufacturing, cleaning agents etc.

Textile Division

The Textile operations at GHCL is an integrated set up commencing from spinning of yarn to weaving, dyeing, printing and processing till the finished products like sheets & duvets take shape and are primarily exported worldwide.

It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Home Textiles with an in-house spinning unit at Madurai, Tamil Nadu and a state-of-the-art home textile facilities at Vapi, Gujarat with a weaving and processing capacity of 45 million meters of fabric up to made ups. A perennial innovator in bed linen category, it has the flexibility to process both cotton and blended fabrics.

GHCL’s Home Textiles products are predominantly exported worldwide to countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada, Germany and other European Union countries as well.

Products List of GHCL Ltd

Inorganic Chemicals

Light Soda Ash

Light Soda Ash is an important basic industrial alkali chemical used in soap and detergents, pulp and paper, iron and steel, aluminium cleaning compounds, water softening and dyeing, in fibre-reactive dyes, effluent treatment and production of chemicals.

Dense Soda Ash

Dense Soda Ash is used in Glass manufacturing ( Flat Glass, Container Glass, Plate Glass, deep processing to other high grade glass for example automotive glass , curtain wall glass), Silicate, Ultramarine, and other chemical industries.

Refined Sodium Bicarbonate

Refined Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda, is available in- Technical grade, Animal Feed grade and Food grade. Manufactured from light Soda Ash, it is used in a variety of industries like food, food dyes, poultry and animal feed, leather tanning, fire extinguisher, vegetable cleaning applications, blasting of metals, manufacture of chemicals, pharma, deodorizers and personal care products.

Home Textiles


Rekoop bedding is made by blending cotton with polyester fiber obtained from recycling PET bottles. It is sustainable, durable and free of any hazardous chemicals. Its products are : sheet sets, duvet cover sets and


Cirkularity is a range of bedding from GHCL that supports the Circular Economy and centers around ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. Its products are :

  • The Sativa,
  • The Naturlig,
  • The Wood Wheel and many more.


Meditasi, is a collection of health & wellness bedding has nine distinct ranges. Meditasi, means “meditation”
in the Malay language. This collection focuses on improving the health and wellness and rejuvenating the user during sleep. Its products are:

  • The Radi-Pure range,
  • The Hydro-Bliss range,
  • The YouthRenew range and many more.


REKOOP 2.0 is an evolved and expanded expression of REKOOP, a sustainable bedding concept that was
launched in 2018. REKOOP 2.0 comprises of a total of 12 innovative collections, building on GHCL’s passion
for creating sustainable solutions.

Consumer Products

GHCL produces and sells Edible Salt, Industrial-grade Salt, Spices, Blended Spices, and Honey. It has salt pans at Vedaranyam, Tamil Nadu, and salt refinery at Tirupurore, Tamil Nadu.

Edible Salt

Edible Salt, i-FLO boasts of a range of salts which are pure, white and free -flowing. I-FLO’s competitive edge is the cost advantage when it comes to normal salt, and a differential advantage of a unique product in the premium pricing.


Honey, the liquid gold which is often called the elixir of life, is a nutritional trove . Also, GHCL has launched Jujube Honey with impressive essential nutrients.


Spices, the dried form of various seeds, roots, fruits, barks, vegetables, and other plant substances primarily used for coloring, flavoring, and preserving food. An essential culinary practices across all cultures, the warm smell of spices can make any stomach growl. Besides the appetising aroma spices are full of
remarkable antimicrobial, medicinal and therapeutic values.

Sanjay Dalmia Chairman

Mr. Sanjay Dalmia (DOB – March 17, 1944) is Non-executive Chairman (Promoter) of the Company. He is a Non-executive Director of the Company since inception of the Company. Mr. Dalmia is an eminent Industrialist and is an Ex-member of Rajya Sabha (Upper house of Parliament). He has a vast knowledge and experience in field of entrepreneurship, leadership and business.

He is Promoter of the Company and under his guidance, the Company has achieved a new heights in terms of excellent growth in business and profitability, return on the equity shares and serving the interests of all the stakeholders. Mr. Dalmia also guides the Board members for creating a balance between the economic, environmental and social objectives of the Company. Mr. Sanjay Dalmia is also a member of Nomination & Remuneration Committee of the Company.

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