Top Arbitrage Mutual funds India

Here you can find the List of Top Arbitrage Mutual funds India which are sorted Out based on the Asset Under Management in the recent year.

An arbitrage fund is to generate low volatility returns by using arbitrage and other derivative strategies in equity markets and investments in debt and money market instruments.

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Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund is the largest arbitrage fund in India with AUM Asset under management of ₹ 25,208 Cr followed by ICICI Pru Equity-Arbitrage Fund, Tata Arbitrage Fund, Nippon India Arbitrage Fund and Aditya Birla SL Arbitrage Fund.

These fund Scheme is suitable for investors seeking Income from arbitrage opportunities in the equity market and Investment in arbitrage opportunities in the cash & derivatives segment of the equity market.

List of Top Arbitrage Mutual funds India

So here is the List of Top Arbitrage Mutual funds India based on the AUM Asset Under Management.

Kotak Equity Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 25,208 Cr 5.1% 0.41%
ICICI Pru Equity-Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 13,677 Cr 5.0% 0.41%
Tata Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 11,179 Cr 5.5% 0.31%
Nippon India Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 10,378 Cr 5.2% 0.07%
Aditya Birla SL Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 8,604 Cr 5.1% 0.34%
HDFC Arbitrage-WPArbitrage Fund₹ 6,948 Cr 4.7% 0.40%
HDFC Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 6,948 Cr 4.7% 0.40%
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities FundArbitrage Fund₹ 6,296 Cr 4.8% 0.36%
Edelweiss Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 6,197 Cr 5.4% 0.34%
UTI Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 5,784 Cr 5.1% 0.35%
Axis Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 5,229 Cr 5.2% 0.31%
IDFC Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 5,065 Cr 4.9% 0.35%
L&T Arbitrage Opp FundArbitrage Fund₹ 3,409 Cr 5.2% 0.37%
DSP Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 1,684 Cr 4.9% 0.34%
Invesco India Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 880 Cr 5.2% 0.39%
Baroda BNP Paribas Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 642 Cr 5.1% 0.36%
Mirae Asset Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 380 Cr 0.0% 0.37%
PGIM India Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 137 Cr 4.8% 0.25%
Union Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 100 Cr 4.9% 0.30%
Sundaram Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 069 Cr 3.1% 0.30%
JM Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 050 Cr 3.7% 0.37%
LIC MF Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 028 Cr 4.6% 0.32%
Mahindra Manulife Arbitrage YojanaArbitrage Fund₹ 019 Cr 0.0% 0.34%
BOI AXA Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 017 Cr 3.8% 0.61%
Indiabulls Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 014 Cr 4.0% 0.42%
ITI Arbitrage FundArbitrage Fund₹ 012 Cr 0.0% 0.16%
List of Top Arbitrage Mutual funds India
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So finally these are the List of Top Arbitrage fund in India with AUM, CAGR ( Compound annual growth rate ), and Expense Ratio.

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage is the process of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets. When you earn by selling and buying same security at different rates in different markets. Arbitrage Schemes invest in assets in at least two markets and aim to make money when there is a difference in prices.

Example: For instance, there could be a difference between a stock’s price on the BSE and the NSE or between the price of an asset in the spot (cash) market and the futures (derivatives) market, or between this month’s futures contract and the next month’s.

Cash arbitrage: Uses the difference between the cash and future price of stocks to enter into equal but opposite
positions, simultaneously in both markets, for the same scrip to lock in the price difference.
Index arbitrage: Takes equal and opposite positions of index futures and corresponding stock futures constituting
the index in proportion to their respective weights in the index simultaneously, to lock in the price difference.
Debt: The scheme has the flexibility of increasing its exposure to 35% in debt securities if the risk–reward ratio is
favourable to such an allocation.

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