Top Thematic Mutual funds in India

List of Top Thematic Mutual funds in India which are sorted out based on the AUM – Asset Under Management.

SBI Magnum Global Fund is the largest Thematic Mutual funds in India with a AUM of ₹ 5,230 Cr followed by Aditya Birla SL MNC Fund, UTI MNC Fund, ICICI Pru MNC Fund and Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index Fund.

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The list of Varies Thematic Mutual Funds include

  • Thematic Fund – MNC
  • Thematic Fund – Global
  • Thematic Fund
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List of Top Thematic Mutual funds

So here is the list of Top Thematic Mutual funds based on the Asset Under management AUM.

SNOMutual Fund NameMutual Fund Category AUMCAGR 3YExpense Ratio
1SBI Magnum Global FundThematic Fund – MNC₹ 5,230 Cr16.9%1.25
2Aditya Birla SL MNC FundThematic Fund – MNC₹ 3,665 Cr7.6%1.41
3UTI MNC FundThematic Fund – MNC₹ 2,389 Cr11.2%1.25
4ICICI Pru MNC FundThematic Fund – MNC₹ 1,138 Cr0.0%1.06
5Motilal Oswal S&P 500 Index FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 2,631 Cr0.0%0.52
6ICICI Pru US Bluechip Equity FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 2,074 Cr17.3%1.08
7Nippon India Taiwan Equity FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 590 Cr0.0%0.65
8Nippon India US Equity Opp FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 550 Cr15.9%1.21
9Franklin Asian Equity FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 327 Cr3.2%1.63
10ICICI Pru NASDAQ 100 Index FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 285 Cr0.0%0.5
11Nippon India Japan Equity FundThematic Fund – Global₹ 243 Cr5.4%0.09
12Aditya Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-AThematic Fund – Global₹ 130 Cr11.4%1.74
13Aditya Birla SL Intl. Equity Fund-BThematic Fund – Global₹ 100 Cr12.4%2.15
14Aditya Birla SL CEF-Global AgriThematic Fund – Global₹ 18 Cr19.5%1.3
15ICICI Pru Business Cycle FundThematic Fund₹ 5,909 Cr0.0%0.38
16Tata Digital India FundThematic Fund₹ 5,158 Cr34.7%0.35
17ICICI Pru India Opp FundThematic Fund₹ 4,911 Cr20.5%0.62
18SBI Magnum Equity ESG FundThematic Fund₹ 4,583 Cr15.3%1.35
19Aditya Birla SL Digital India FundThematic Fund₹ 3,398 Cr33.9%0.71
20Aditya Birla SL India GenNext FundThematic Fund₹ 2,619 Cr18.6%0.96
21Aditya Birla SL Business Cycle FundThematic Fund₹ 2,286 Cr0.0%
22Axis Special Situations FundThematic Fund₹ 2,162 Cr0.0%0.5
23Axis ESG Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 1,897 Cr0.0%0.54
24Kotak Pioneer FundThematic Fund₹ 1,619 Cr0.0%0.46
25Kotak ESG Opportunities FundThematic Fund₹ 1,567 Cr0.0%0.38
26Axis Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 1,530 Cr0.0%0.36
27ICICI Pru ESG FundThematic Fund₹ 1,521 Cr0.0%1.01
28DSP India T.I.G.E.R FundThematic Fund₹ 1,474 Cr18.0%1.52
29DSP Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 1,336 Cr0.0%0.56
30HDFC Housing Opp FundThematic Fund₹ 1,284 Cr10.7%1.23
31Tata Ethical FundThematic Fund₹ 1,269 Cr21.5%1.16
32Sundaram Rural and Consumption FundThematic Fund₹ 1,144 Cr11.7%1.28
33Aditya Birla SL ESG FundThematic Fund₹ 1,061 Cr0.0%0.49
34Edelweiss Recently Listed IPO FundThematic Fund₹ 1,035 Cr28.8%0.55
35Baroda BNP Paribas Business Cycle FundThematic Fund₹ 1,007 Cr0.0%0.28
36Tata Business Cycle FundThematic Fund₹ 934 Cr0.0%0.69
37Aditya Birla SL PSU Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 925 Cr0.0%1.04
38Invesco India ESG Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 798 Cr0.0%0.25
39Canara Rob Consumer Trends FundThematic Fund₹ 778 Cr20.3%1.09
40ICICI Pru Commodities FundThematic Fund₹ 689 Cr0.0%0.91
41Aditya Birla SL Special Opp FundThematic Fund₹ 653 Cr0.0%1.04
42Kotak Manufacture in India FundThematic Fund₹ 640 Cr0.0%0.67
43Franklin India Opportunities FundThematic Fund₹ 633 Cr14.3%1.89
44ICICI Pru Manufacturing FundThematic Fund₹ 583 Cr19.7%2.21
45L&T Business Cycle FundThematic Fund₹ 537 Cr15.2%1.44
46SBI Magnum Comma FundThematic Fund₹ 470 Cr26.5%2.08
47SBI PSU FundThematic Fund₹ 460 Cr11.3%1.47
48Invesco India PSU Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 374 Cr18.9%1.08
49SBI Equity Minimum Variance FundThematic Fund₹ 124 Cr15.8%0.45
50IIFL Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 105 Cr0.0%0.4
51ICICI Pru Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 68 Cr0.0%0.59
52Quant Quantamental FundThematic Fund₹ 60 Cr0.0%0.56
53Quantum India ESG Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 58 Cr0.0%0.93
54Quant ESG Equity FundThematic Fund₹ 53 Cr0.0%1.51
55Tata Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 47 Cr0.0%0.79
56Nippon India Quant FundThematic Fund₹ 33 Cr15.7%0.2
List of top thematic mutual funds in India

So finally these are the list of Top Thematic Mutual funds in India based on AUM.

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