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Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL) Brands emerged after the consolidation of the branded apparel businesses of Aditya Birla Group comprising

  • ABNL’s Madura Fashion division and
  • ABNL’s subsidiaries Pantaloons Fashion and Retail (PFRL) and
  • Madura Fashion & Lifestyle (MFL).

Post the consolidation, PFRL was renamed Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd.

List of Companies Owned by Aditya Birla Group

List of Aditya Birla Fashion Brands

So here is the List of Brands Owned By Aditya Birla Fashion Limited

Louis Philippe

When details of fine craftsmanship meet the mark of excellence, it gives birth to a Louis Philippe product. Louis Philippe is the name that rises to the occasion of adorning the man who has a fine taste in luxurious fashion.

  • Retail Store: 457 Stores

For more than 30 years, The Brand has celebrated every moment of a man’s
life with the grandeur it deserves. Be it a wedding or a meeting. From suits to
shoes. From polos to denims.

Aditya birla fashion From jackets to chinos. Welcome to the world of Louis Philippe, a statement woven in perfection, stitched by passion and styled to be the finest.

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is India’s No. 1 premium lifestyle brand for professionals. With a rich heritage of over 130 years in United States of America, the brand entered India in 1990.

Over a period of its 30-year history in India, Van Heusen has emerged as a fashion authority for the ever-evolving Indian consumer and has established itself as a one-stop destination for the latest trends.

  • Retail Store: 410 Stores

Today, Van Heusen is not only the most preferred workwear brand, but also effortlessly straddles across the entire spectrum of occasions like casuals, ceremonial and party wear.

Allen Solly

Over the years, Allen Solly has revolutionized the workwear expressions to win young India. Allen Solly reinforced its unconventional workwear core by dressing young India in fashionable and unconventional shirts, trousers and denims.

  • Retail Store: 345 Stores

Allen Solly Women, India’s pioneer brand in casual workwear unveiled its fresh range of dresses, in-line with Indian body shapes. Allen Solly Juniors is about fun and
vibrancy and has an interesting product line offering t-shirts, shirts,
denim, dresses and accessories.

Peter England

Peter England’s unparalleled range of shirts, trousers, denims, suits & blazers, and t-shirts combine high-fashion, impeccable fits and a wide range of curated looks catering to every versatile occasion of today’s young Indian men.

  • Retail Store: 1023 Stores

2019 was a milestone year for the brand as it expanded aggressively into Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets. Peter England also refreshed its identity in large towns and cities through its Men’s Obsession stores, delivering a young and vibrant shopping experience for all.


Pantaloons is one of India’s “Most Trusted Retail Brands” (Brand Equity Survey 2019) and also emerged as the Most Trusted Fashion Retail brand. Pantaloons, a Division of ABFRL, is India’s premier favourite Fast Fashion destination among large format stores.

Retail Store: 342 Stores

With 342 stores across 155+ towns, Pantaloons caters to the fashion and lifestyle needs of young aspirational Indian consumers in a modern retail environment. Pantaloons has emerged as a strong brand in the fashion retail industry over the past two decades and is recognised as a pioneering brand across the length and breadth of the country.

Pantaloons.com, is the official online store for Pantaloons. The brand’s merchandise
is also available on all other leading e-commerce portals.


Jaypore is India’s leading destination of all things Craft and Artisanal across Apparel,
Exquisite Jewellery and Beautiful Home Products. India has a rich heritage of handmade crafts and traditional products.

Jaypore as a brand is committed to preserve and revive authentic Indian products suited for a modern lifestyle. The brand sources from more than 70 craft clusters and curates these products on its beautiful website and two stores, one each in Delhi and Bangalore.

In a very short time, the business has earned high respect among the craft vendor community for showcasing their products in all its glory and among connoisseur customers for making craft accessible.

Shantanu & Nikhil

Completing two decades in the Indian couture ambit, Shantanu & Nikhil delineates progressivism and distinctiveness by encapsulating the vibrancy of vintage India and blending it with the glee and excitement of modern India.

Following an #Anti-trend path, Shantanu & Nikhil can be best described as a contemporary disruptor with a strong India-proud sentiment. Representing an
amalgamation of Indian decadence and modern grandeur, the brand replaces traditional embroideries and styles with exaggerated neo-drapes, narrative
details, and powerful dramatic silhouettes.

The brand runs an eponymous label called ‘Jaypore’ and also aggregates other Artisanal brands on its portal. Jaypore ships worldwide and has a global audience.

Van Heusen lnnerwear

Van Heusen lnnerwear is India’s most innovative and fashionable brand. With style and ultra-comfort at its heart, it’s the perfect addition to one’s innerwear drawer.
Each of the four collections designed for men: Classic, Platinum, Signature and
Active; cater to the unique lifestyle demands of a modern-day consumer.

The newly launched lingerie collection for women: Cotton Sensation, Luxe and Glam
are the embodiments of style, elegance and glamour

Forever 21

In July 2016, ABFRL acquired the exclusive online and offline rights to the India network of California-based Fast Fashion brand ‘Forever 21 ‘.

The partnership between Forever 21 and ABFRL marks a milestone in the creation of ABFRL as the largest integrated branded fashion player in India, with a strong foothold in the womenswear segment, given the growing popularity of Fast Fashion in the young demographics of the country.

Forever 21 in India offers clothes and accessories for Millennials and Gen Z girls
and boys, and all those who feel millennial-age at heart.

With growing demand for its trendy street wear and subtle contemporary pieces, the brand has its exclusive website www.Forever21.in for the Indian market, which reaches out to its customers in over 17000 pin codes of the country.

Forever 21 is one of the most searched brands online and occupies a unique position in trend leadership at super affordable prices, making it is one of the most favored brands of Millennials and Gen Z.

Simon Carter Brand

A quintessential British brand, Simon Carter’s uniqueness is embossed in its quirky, yet sophisticated and stylish designs, straddling full range of men’s clothing and accessories.

Launched in London in 1985 and brought to India by ABFRL in 2017, the brand celebrates the spirit of eccentricity and curiosity. The Simon Carter menswear collection is a playful mix of prints and colours, with designs inspired from Simon’s
adventures with his pet dog Gervaise.

With the Royal Family among its admirers, an award winning retail identity and exuberant merchandise, the brand’s exciting journey in India has just begun.


AMERICAN EAGLE make jeans for every body and stand for individuality, freedom and

The Brand is an inclusive, optimistic and empowering brand that celebrates the individuality of customers. The Brand purpose is to show the world that there is real power in the optimism of youth.

Ted Baker London

Ted Baker London is known as one of the best sellers of contemporary men’s shirts
around the world.

The brand has a clear and unwavering focus on quality and attention to detail, coupled with a quirky and fun British sense of humour. The collection is a perfect mix between traditional and modern fashion.

The Collective [largest multi retail brand]

The Collective Is India’s first and largest multi retail brand, with a team of fashion
experts ensuring a unique and stylish point of view. The brand acts as a style
mentor for its customers by housing the biggest and most exclusive names in
global fashion, under the same roof.

Fred Perry created a brand that presented practical, well-fitted sports outfits to the
world of fashion. His designs are simple with a streamlined silhouette and a focus
on lightweight functionality. The brand has created a perfect blend between sportswear and street fashion.

Polo Ralph Lauren

“What I do is about Living. It’s about Living the best life you can and enjoying
the fullness of the Life around you-from what you wear, to the way you live, to the
way you love.” – Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren has created a Lifestyle brand to encourage this kind of living by
introducing apparel, accessories, fragrance collections and home furnishings. Ralph Lauren Corporation has been a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products since five decades.

The brand has had a significant influence on the dressing of people due to its attention to detail, fine quality and timeless design.

Hackett London

A luxury clothing retailer that epitomizes British menswear, with a collection that is
both vintage and modern. The home of British menswear, Hackett’s collections
are built around impeccable tailoring, complemented by luxurious casualwear.

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