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Construction Company List in Visakhapatnam

List of Construction Company in Visakhapatnam which are sorted out based on the capital.

List of Construction Company in Visakhapatnam

So here is the List of Construction Company in Visakhapatnam

Adani Krishnapatnam Port Limited

Adani Krishnapatnam port is a major economic gateway that caters to the land locked southern hinterland of India with multimodal connectivity. All Weather Port with Deep Draft Capable of Handling Capesize and Panamax Vessels.

Round-The-Clock Navigatio and provides TwoWay Traffic For Both Onshore & Offshore Logistics. State of the art Infrastructure with Bulk Cargo Handled By Mechanized Handling Systems At Dedicated Storage Areas, Port Provides Clean And Contamination Free Handling Facilities For Break-Bulk Cargo.

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Krishnapatnam Terminal has vast infrastructures which handles multiple types of Cargo. With deep draft berths and multipurpose terminals, the port efficiently handles the largest bulk carriers in the world. The port has covered and open storage areas with enormous capacity. Excellent cargo evacuation and receiving infrastructure support smooth cargo movement in and out of the port.

Ssnr Projects Private Limited

From humble beginnings in the early 90’s to a focused super class construction company in 2017, SSNR’s journey has been nothing short of a miracle. SSNR PROJECTS is characterized by sheer determination, hard work and impeccable will power to excel in anything and everything that it takes up.

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For more than two decades, SSNR PROJECTS has shown passionate commitment to support a culture of safety, environmental sustainability and a high quality of execution. With its registered office in VISAKHAPATNAM, SSNR PROJECTS is committed in achieving its next phase of growth through value-centric ideals and peerless innovation.

S/NCompany NameWebsite
1Adani Krishnapatnam Port Limitedadani.com
2Kothavalsa Infraventures Private Limitedgmrgroup.in
3Ssnr Projects Private Limiteddmraoandco.com
4Rkec Projects Limitedrkecprojects.com
5Vijay Nirman Company Private Limitedvijaynirman.com
6G K Townships And Structures Privatelimitedrisecorp.com
7Ksr Developers Private Limitedksrdevelopers.in
8Integral Estates & Developers Privatelimitedintegraltrading.net
9Sbec Projects Private Limitedsbecprojects.com
10Navya Infracon Projects India Private limitednavyaconstructions.com
11Mythri Infrastructure And Mining Indiaprivate Limitedmythriinfra.com
12Apex Meadows Private Limitedsrsadvisors.com
13Sunray Green Space Private Limitedsunraybeachfront.com
14S.V.C. Projects Private Limitedsvcprojects.com
15B. Durga Reddy Infrastructures Privatelimitedbdrinfra.com
16Tamasi Infracon Private Limitedtamasiinfracon.com
17Dwaraka Plaza Construction Privatelimitedsvcprojects.com
18Revoblox Systems Private Limitedrevoblox.com
19Penta Global Engineering Andconstructions Private Limitedpenta-global.com
20Trinitech Infrastructure (India) Private Limitedtrinitechinfra.com
21Vivify Constructions Private Limitedsajix.com
22Devi Food Park Developers Privatelimiteddevifisheries.com
23Ultra Avenues Private Limited.ultradimensions.com
24C And N Infratech India Private Limitedvisakhahealthcare.com
25Skc Infrastructure (India) Privatelimitedskcgroup.co.in
26Avechi Constructions Private Limitedsarcvizag.com
27Magnus Projects Private Limitedmaakuthariglobal.com
28Qube 6 Building Systems Private Limitedqube6.in
29Value Estate Private Limitedscepterltd.com
30Rban Logistics And Warehousing Privatelimitedrban.in
31Sme Buildtech (India) Private Limitedeth.net
32Zam Constructions Private Limitedzam.co.in
33Varsha Builders Private Limitedvarungroup.com
34Fabtran Design And Engineering Privatelimitedfabtran.com
35Morcorp Constructions Private Limitedmorcorp.com
36Navayuga Engicon Private Limitednecltd.com
37Sri Saideva Infra Projects Privatelimiteddmraoandco.com
38Varma Greenfields Projects Privatelimitedkorepu.in
39Acura Builders Private Limitedvarungroup.com
40Bestek Sez Development India Privatelimitedacclivityllp.in
41Ghc Tpo System Private Limitedjvco.in
42Gold N Grid Infra Private Limitedvit.ac.in
43Mylas Constructions Private Limitedmylastech.com
44Narayanadri Roofings (Opc) Privatelimitedroofwala.com
45R.B Agarwal Constructions Privatelimitedsundarsteel.com
46Sdnk Engineering Private Limitedlive.co.uk
47Sree Arundathi Infra Developers Privatelimitedgamil.com
48Sree Sai Ratnakamalambika Developersprivate Limitedasnassociates.com
49Sri Rudra Lakshmi Narsimhainfrastructures Private Limitedsilvercoast.in
50Steel City Ventures Private Limitedsteelcitynettrade.com
51Stresza Systems Global Tech Privatelimitedstreszasystems.in
52Tkc Design & Build Private LimitedKEYCORNER.COM
53Vinkesh Oil & Gas Private Limitedkrs-projects.com
54Wallx Innovation (India) Private Limitedpetrocorp.in
List of Top Construction Company in Visakhapatnam
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