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Top IT Companies in Visakhapatnam

List of Top IT Software Companies in Visakhapatnam which are sorted out based on Paid up capital.

Fluentgrid Limited

Fluentgrid Limited is a turnkey smart energy and infrastructure solutions company with globally acclaimed software products. The company is facilitating the global movement towards smart grids and smarter cities for a sustainable planet and happy people.

  • 50+ Power utilities
  • 5 Smart cities
  • 100+ Million consumers

Fluentgrid MDMS listed in Gartner Market Guide for Meter Data Management Systems consistently since 2014. Fluentgrid CIS listed in Gartner Market Guide for Utility Customer Information Systems consistently since 2013. The company offers smart prepaid solution to Tata Power’s Odisha DISCOMs. Fluentgrid UHES to be deployed for Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL). Fluentgrid is listed in the UN Global Compact Early Adopter Program – 1st IT Company from India.

Mudunuru Limited

Mudunuru Limited was acquired by M S Raju in June,2022 through an Open offer with the goal of steering the company to be a leading provider of ICT products & solutions using cutting edge technologies, which are relevant to the local & international clients including Private, Public & Government Enterprises.

The company aims at achieving this by being customer focused and working towards creating value for its customers by delivering innovative solutions that meet their requirements. Mudunuru Limited has its headquarters in India expanding soon in USA, Middle East, UK and Australia. 

Erudex Private Limited

Erudex is one of the leading Ed-tech companies in India that offers Digital Teaching & Learning Solutions for schools & colleges between grades 1-12.

Mahathi Software Private Limited

Mahathi is an innovator in the healthcare IT solution space, founded in 2001. Headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India, it has a world-wide delivery footprint including USA & UK. Mahathi’s solutions focus on healthcare providers, health systems and healthcare payers. The company created over 700 high tech jobs since inception.

Zebi Data India Private Limited

Zebi is a full-stack core-blockchain company founded by Silicon Valley veterans. Full-stack means that Zebi operates in the entire blockchain ecosystem – infrastructure and products. Core blockchain means that Zebi does not offer any other service apart from blockchain.

Zebi Public Blockchain (Zebi Mainnet) is a public blockchain designed to be a multi-chain and multi-token platform built on Cosmos, with modular libraries for several data and security use cases.

Zebi Secure Cloud  is an enterprise-grade cloud stack, powered by blockchain platform that leverages the core IP built  by Zebi, into a cloud offering.

Malvi Software Solutions Private Limited

Malvi Systems is a global service provider of IT solutions and provides end to end solutions to clients that result in a positive outcome. The company offer clients optimum success and quality during their endeavours.

Redefine, rethink and have a profound understanding of clients’ needs and wants to achieve their core business objectives. Not only do provide world-class technology solutions but also well acquainted with the strategy of ‘Time-to-Market’.

Manuh Global Technologies Private limited

Manuh is proud to have an extremely talented, interactive and qualitative resource pool. The company core strength remains in serving on time, the most advanced, fast, simple yet effective solutions to the complex problems and pain areas. En route we keep exceeding the expectations set up by clients every time.

Manuh is a client centric IT services company offering comprehensive IT Solutions & Services across several industry segments such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy & Power, Transport & Aviation, Finance, Telecom, Media, Government. The Company bring value to the table by providing low cost yet most effective and advanced solutions for customers.

Top IT Software Companies in Visakhapatnam

So here is the list of Top IT Software Companies in Visakhapatnam sorted based on capital

1Fluentgrid Limitedfluentgrid.com
2Synophic Global Research Private Limitedsynophic.com
3Mudunuru Limitedmudunuru.com
4Erudex Private Limitederudex.com
5Avantel Limitedavantel.in
6Izatech Labs Private Limitedcare9.in
7Mahathi Software Private Limitedmahathi.com
8Zebi Data India Private Limitedzebi.co
9Malvi Software Solutions Private Limitedmalvisystems.com
10Manuh Global Technologies Private limitedmanuhindia.com
11Pena4 Tech Solutions India Privatelimitedpena4.com
12Resource Integration Solutionsenterprise Private Limitedrisecorp.com
13Tekwissen Software Private Limitedtekwissen.com
14Inspiredge It Solutions Private Limitedinspiredgeit.com
15Jasp Labs India Private Limitedjasplabs.com
16Ifuture Globistic Limitedifutureglobistic.com
17Precistat It Solutions Private Limitedprecistat.com
18Signitive Towers Private Limitedsignitive.in
19Millennium Software Solutions Privatelimitedmillenniumsoftsol.com
20Patra India Bpo Services Private Limitedpatracorp.com
21Ezeees India Private Limitedrisecorp.com
22Vismaya Premedia Services PrivatelimitedVISMAYAPREMEDIA.COM
23Pie Software Private Limiteddwarapudi.com
24Insights Of Data Private Limitedinsightsofdata.com
25Maple Software Private Limitedmaple-software.com
26Vizag Broadcasting Company Privatelimitedvbctv.in
27Team Industrial Consultancy Servicesprivate Limiteddmraoandco.com
28Airotech Profiles (India) Privatelimitedf-f.co.in
29Clavers Techno Services Private Limitedclaversvc.com
30Solution It Private Limitedsolutionit.com
31Sivani Pumps And Systems Private Limitedsivanipumps.com
32Schemax Expert Techno Crafts Privatelimitedschemaxtech.com
33Icentris Software Development Privatelimitedicentris.com
34Webpros Solutions Private Limitedwebprosindia.com
35Vassar Labs It Solutions Private Limitedvassarlabs.com
36Amzur Technologies Private Limitedamzur.com
37Datasoft Comnet Private Limiteddatasoftcomnet.com
38Exinent Info Solutions Private Limitedexinent.com
39M.S. Petrasoft Private Limitedpetrasoft.com
40Mylas Information Technologies Privatelimitedmylastech.com
41Pinion Infotech Services Private Limitedpinion.services
42Syssigma Vizag Technologies Privatelimitedsyssigma.com
43Arowana Software Solutions Privatelimitedarowanasoft.com
44Cumulus Nexus India Private Limitedcumulus-nexus.com
45Dpn Solutions Private Limitedcaramesh.in
46Indihood Private Limitedindihood.com
47Steelnx Ventures Private Limitedsteelnx.com
48Vensyx Data Solutions Private Limitedvensyx.com
49Virtual Guard Services Private Limitedvgssecurity.com
50Pioneer Computer Business Applicationsprivate Limitedpcbapps.com
51Wayunique It Solutions Private Limiteddfsmarketing.net
52Synectic Infotech Private Limitedsynectic.in
53Samudra Software Private Limitedsamudrasoftware.com
54Bhamidipati Gennext It Solutions Private Limitedgennext-tech.com
55Imaginnovate Techsolutions (India)Private Limitedimaginnovate.com
56Vensai Technologies (India) Privatelimitedvensaiinc.com
57Aerosimple Technologies Private Limitedaerosimple.com
58Hirexpert Software Private Limitedrpohire.com
59H-Town Technologies India Privatelimitedhtown-tech.com
60Icubixx Private Limitedicubixx.com
61Innovate Apps India Private Limitedinnovateapps.com
62Nord Sinew Technologies (India) Privatelimitednordsinew.com
63Nimai Krsna Integrated It Servicesprivate Limitednimaikrsna.com
64Sevenhills E-Health Private Limitedsevenhillshospital.com
65Frux Software Solutions Private Limitedfruxsoft.com
66Mecwise Software Solutions Privatelimitedstarvisionit.com
67Visakha Rpo Private Limitedvisakharpo.com
68Apxor Technology Solutions Privatelimitedapxor.com
69Quality Data Mill Private Limiteddatamill.in
70Banana Apps Private Limitedbananaapps.co.in
71Docstime It Solutions Private Limiteddocstime.com
72Pometek System Solutions Private Limitedpometek.com
73Prowess Enterprise (India) Privatelimitedprowessenterprise.com
74Quant Systems India Pvt Ltdquantsystems.com
75Moonshot Technologies Private Limitedbhash.com
76Abraham And Stevens It Services Privatelimitedcore.gs
77Aevus Lifestyles Private Limitedaevus.in
78Amethyst Online Consultants Privatelimitedwritermailbox.com
79Ayatas Software Solutions (India)Private Limitedayatas.com
80Blue Ocean Info Technologies Privatelimitedblueoceaninfotechnologies.com
81Bn Infotec Solutions Private Limitedbninfotec.com
82Bridge Soft Solutions Private Limitedbharati-winsys.in
83Deepthi Technologies Private Limiteddeepthitechnologies.com
84Docme Softlabs Private Limiteddocmesoftlabs.com
85Element115 Computech Private Limitedelementsolutions.com
86Emaraa Solutions Private Limitedemaraa.co
87Epace Technologies Private Limitedepacetech.com
88Eprosoft India Private Limitedeprosoft.com
89Focussign Solutions Private Limitedfocussign.com
90Gallega Software Solutions Privatelimitedgallegasoft.com
91Gleez Technologies Private Limitedgleez.in
92Insoteam Consulting Services Privatelimitedinsoteam.com
93Jasp Information Solutions Privatelimitedjasplabs.com
94Jnnc Technologies (Opc) Private Limitedjnnctechnologies.com
95Kalpah Innovations Private Limitedkalpah.com
96Kmm Softechnologies Private Limitedkmmtechnologies.com
97Nimaisoft Systems Private Limitednimaisoft.com
98Nlite Informatics And Staffing Privatelimitedsmartmbbs.com
99Novisync Solutions India Private Limitednovisync.com
100Openlogix Software Solutions Privatelimitedopen-logix.com
101Pujari Tech Products Private Limitedpujaritech.com
102Rama Electrical Design & It Supportservices Private Limitedsify.com
103Rating4 It Solutions Private Limitedrating4.com
104Sainbiz Solutions Private Limitedsainbiz.com
105Sajix Software Solutions Private Limitedsajix.com
106Sanharabs (India) Private Limitedsanharabs.com
107Sankhya Technologies India Operationsprivate Limitedsankhya.com
108Sketchea It Consultants Private Limitedsketchea.com
109Sonicsoft Solutions Private Limitedsonicsoftsolutions.in
110Sree Tammina Software Solutions Privatelimitedtammina.com
111Sunrays Software Solutions Privatelimitedsunraysit.com
112Suvera Software Solutions Privatelimitedsuverasolutions.com
113Tekxa Information Technologies (Opc)Private Limitedtekxa.com
114Trifecta Technologies Of India Privatelimitedraoamdkumar.org
115Vigiboss It Solutions Private Limitedvigiboss.com
116Webtogo Mobiles Internet Private Limitedwebtogo.de
117Workswell Softsys India Private LimitedICHNOLITE.COM
118Macrich It Solutions Private Limitedmacrichit.com
119Hippocampus Infotech Private Limitedhippocampusinfotech.com
120Morcorp Solutions Private Limitedmorcorpsolutions.com
121Saika Technologies Private Limitedvarsitymgmt.com
122Amzur Infotech Private Limitedamzur.com
123Anyemi Online Services Private Limitedanyemi.com
124Apnt Business Solutions Private Limitedapntbs.com
125Atfingertip It Innovations Privatelimitedatfingertip.in
126Belfrics Bt Private Limitedbelfrics.com
127Bizx Technologies Private Limitedbizxtechnologies.com
128Bridgethings Iot Private Limitedbridgethings.com
129Carpus Consulting Services Privatelimitedlive.com
130Catchway Web Solutions Private Limitedcatchway.com
131Cdocket Private Limitedcdocket.com
132Cinnabar Technologies Private Limitedcinnabartechnologies.com
133Cloudit Tec Private LimitedOPTTECHIT.COM
134Cloudspm Private Limitedcloudspm.com
135Ctrla It Services Private Limitedctrlait.com
136Cyphare Intelligence Private Limitedsmefilings.com
137Cyrybral Soft Tech Private Limitedcyrybral.com
138Dabomi Technologies Private LimitedMYFIRSTOFFICE.IN
139Deo Apps Private Limiteddeoapps.com
140Digipub Apex Covantage Ap Privatelimitedaci.apexcovantage.com
141Dosoft Technologies Private Limiteddo-softtech.com
142Elastisystems Tech India Private Limitedelastisystems.com
143Elephants Gate Private Limitedelephantsgate.tv
144Eteki Services Private Limitedamzur.com
145Evolutyz It Services Private Limitedevolutyz.in
146F9 Info Technologies Private Limitedf9tech.com
147Futzen Etechnologies Private Limitedf2s.in
148Gar Technologies Private Limitedgartechnologies.com
149Glomaze Advanced Technologies Privatelimitedglomaze.in
150Hightoss It Solutions Private Limitedhightoss.com
151Ibc Platform Private Limitedsmartcyber.in
152Imokshum Technology Private Limitedimokshumtech.com
153Infinitovfx Studios Private Limitedinfinitovfx.com
154Infitrics Solutions Private Limitedinfitrics.com
155Infyshine Technologies Private Limitedinfyshine.com
156Inndata Analytics Private Limitedinndata.in
157Innovalley Services Private Limitedinnovalley.in
158Insurtech Actuary Private LimitedLawyer2CA.com
159Integration Developer Network Privatelimitedidn-corp.com
160Itaag Application Services Privatelimiteditaag.com
161Jhaiho Private Limitedjhaiho.com
162Jidoka Systems Private Limitedvarsitymgmt.com
163Khd Solutions (Opc) Private Limitedkhdsolutions.com
164Lenient Cloud Private Limitedenterprisepals.com
165Leo Tech Wave It&Bpo Services Privatelimitedleotechwave.com
166M3 Consulting India Private Limitedm3-consulting.com
167Mclite Sol Private Limitedclite-sol.com
168Medinin Health Tech Private Limitedsas.upenn.edu
169Mi2 Soft Private Limitedmi2soft.com
170Microgrid Technologies Private Limitedmicrogrid.co.in
171Nehan Infotech Private Limitedarowanasoft.com
172Neolithic System Private Limitedneolithicsystem.co.in
173Nerdpine Solutions Private Limitednerdpine.com
174Nixts Solutions (Opc) Private Limitednixts.com
175Nprime Technologies Private Limitednprime.in
176Nueve It Solutions Private Limitednuevesolutions.com
177Olam3 Technologies Private Limitedolam3medicode.com
178Oxyzen Ai Private Limitedoxyzenwealth.com
179Pinion Digital Solutions Private Limitedpinion.net
180Prime Web Services Private Limitedmouritech.com
181Rainscent Tech Private Limitedrain-scent.com
182Ramas It Private Limitedlive.in
183Rapido Erp Solutions Private Limitedrapidoerp.net
184Rashmitha Information Systems Privatelimitedrashmitha.com
185Ready Shine Solutions Private Limitedmylastech.com
186Richiees Softsolutions Private Limitedrichieesit.com
187Rovosis Private Limitedrovosis.com
188Sfsf Infotech Private Limitedprowessenterprises.com
189Skptekdynamics Private Limited4squareshipping.in
190Smartedge It Services Private Limitedsmartedgesolutions.co.uk
191Soham It Services Private Limitedsohamit.com
192Spontom Ventures Private Limitedspontom.com
193Sri Technology Solutions India Privatelimited (Opc)sritechsolutions.com
194Sv Soft Solutions Private Limitedsvss.co.in
195Swaja Networks Private Limitedindihood.com
196Tech Piratica Private Limitedaol.in
197Tech-Net Cyber Solutions Private Limitedtech-netinc.com
198Tessrac Innovations Private Limitedtessrac.com
199Thedigifac Services (Opc) Privatelimitedthedigifac.com
200Thoughtwave Info Systems India Privatelimitedthoughtwavesoft.com
201Threatvolt Private Limitedthreatvolt.com
202Trading Colours Entertainment PrivatelimitedLEGALRAASTA.COM
203Twoteq Infosolutions Private Limitedigniteskillsindia.com
204U-Fahr Logistics And Solutions Privatelimitedlorrybook.com
205Unovate Simple Technologies Privatelimitedclouditguru.com
206Vedalgo Data Solutions Private Limitedvedalgo.com
207Vedatx Business Solutions Privatelimitedvedatx.com
208Venkorp Technology Services Privatelimitedvenkorp.com
209Virtuallythere Tech Private Limitedvirtuallythere.tech
210Vissol Vassu Tech Services Privatelimitedvassutech.com
211Xinthe Technologies Private Limitedxinthe.com
212Zuriel Technologies Private Limitedzurieltechnology.com
213Meridian It Services Private Limitedmaple-software.com
214Ige Info Systems Private Limitedigesys.com
215Inlight Data Analytics Private Limitedinlightdata.com
216Cardlytics Services India Privatelimitedcardlytics.com
217Do Konsult Private Limitedprospectatech.com
218Ectd Global Private Limitedectdglobal.com
219Lithific (Opc) Private Limitedlithific.com
220Smacoteq Private Limitedsmacoteq.com
221Tinydata Technologies Private Limitedprospectatech.com
222Toneinnovative Technologies Privatelimitedtonegyms.com
223Trinova Technologies Private Limitedunisoftllc.com
224Geosis Technologies Private Limitedgeosistechnologies.com
225Stupify Labs Private Limitedstupify.in
226Vasibho It Solutions Private Limitedfalconisolution.com
227Archrome Technologies Private Limitedselfiestar.app
228Blue Title 365 (Opc) Private Limitedbluetitle365.com
229Insure Spark Backend Operations Servicesprivate Limitedmeraprofit.com
230Ragnotech Solutions Private Limitedragnotech.com
231Zockethub Private Limitedstrawberrygroup.com
232Kanaxis Software Solutions Privatelimitedkanaxis.com
List of Top IT Software Companies in Visakhapatnam

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