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List of Top Utility companies in India

List of Top Utility Companies in India which are sorted out based on the total Revenue (sales) in the recent year. Here you can find the list of all utility Companies in India (Electric Utilities, Gas Distributors, Alternative Power Generation and Water Utilities etc.)

List of Top Utility companies in India

NTPC LTD is the largest utility company in India with a revenue of $ 15 Billion followed by GAIL INDIA LTD, POWER GRID CORP.

So here is the list of Top Utility Company in India by Total sales (Revenue) in the past year.

S.NOUtility Company ClassificationTotal Revenue (FY)Number of Employees
1NTPC LTDElectric Utilities$ 15 Billion119383
2GAIL INDIA LTDGas Distributors$ 8 Billion18084
3POWER GRID CORPAlternative Power Generation$ 5 Billion9258
4TATA POWER CO LTDElectric Utilities$ 4 Billion60443
5ADANI POWER LTDElectric Utilities$ 4 Billion84
6PTC INDIA LTDElectric Utilities$ 2 Billion569
7RELIANCE INFRASTRUElectric Utilities$ 2 Billion5493
8TORRENT POWERElectric Utilities$ 2 Billion16769
9CESCElectric Utilities$ 2 Billion11868
10GUJARAT STATE PETRGas Distributors$ 2 Billion266
11ADANI TRANSMISS.INElectric Utilities$ 1 Billion11922
12GUJARAT GAS LTDGas Distributors$ 1 Billion1050
13NLC INDIA LTDElectric Utilities$ 1 Billion26481
14NHPC LTDElectric Utilities$ 1 Billion 
15RELIANCE POWERElectric Utilities$ 1 Billion8191
16JSW ENERGY LTDElectric Utilities$ 1 Billion4052
17SUZLON ENERGY LTDAlternative Power Generation$ 458 Million1995
18JAIPRAKASH POWERElectric Utilities$ 452 Million3799
19ADANI GREEN ENERGYElectric Utilities$ 426 Million2343
20NAVA BHARAT VENTURElectric Utilities$ 348 Million3807
21SJVN LTDElectric Utilities$ 340 Million1499
22MAHANAGAR GAS LTDGas Distributors$ 294 Million1976
23ADANI TOTAL GAS LTDGas Distributors$ 232 Million517
24RATTANINDIA POWERElectric Utilities$ 213 Million1953
25GUJARAT IND POWERElectric Utilities$ 183 Million1680
26GENUS POWER INFRAElectric Utilities$ 81 Million1128
27DPSC LTDElectric Utilities$ 70 Million449
28BF UTILITIES LTDAlternative Power Generation$ 51 Million8
29SWAN ENERGY LTDElectric Utilities$ 44 Million423
30ORIENT GREEN POWERAlternative Power Generation$ 35 Million5
31EKI ENERGY SERVICES LIMITEDElectric Utilities$ 26 Million106
32CAPTAIN POLYPLAST LTDWater Utilities$ 24 Million436
33URJA GLOBAL LTDElectric Utilities$ 20 Million27
34KPI GLOBAL INFRA LTDAlternative Power Generation$ 14 Million73
35K.P. ENERGY LIMITEDAlternative Power Generation$ 10 Million123
36UJAAS ENERGY LTDAlternative Power Generation$ 5 Million105
37ENERGY DEV CO LTDElectric Utilities$ 4 Million37
38INDOWIND ENERGYAlternative Power Generation$ 3 Million60
39USHDEV INTERNATIONAL LTD.Electric Utilities$ 2 Million17
40TEXMACO INFRA & HOElectric Utilities$ 2 Million33
41WAAREE RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIESAlternative Power Generation$ 2 Million10
42VENLON ENTERPRISES LTD.Alternative Power Generation$ 0 Million 
43JAYSHREE CHEMICALS LTD.Alternative Power Generation$ 0 Million11
44WOMEN NETWORKS LTD.Electric Utilities$ 0 Million 
45RATTANINDIA ENT LTDAlternative Power Generation$ 0 Million4
46JYOTI STRUCTURESElectric Utilities  
47IND RENEWABLE ENERGY LTDElectric Utilities 1
List of Top Utility companies in India

So finally these are the List of Top Utility companies in India. Here is Some of the utility companies in India.

Nava Bharat Ventures

Established in 1972 as an Indian ferro alloys manufacturer, Nava Bharat is now a multinational company, operating in India, South East Asia and Africa. The company is a diversified group, with businesses in metals manufacturing, power, mining, agribusiness and healthcare; and we employ more than 1,000 people in operations across two continents.

The company produce and supply over 200,000 tons of ferro alloys each year; operate several power plants of 743 MW; work with hundreds of sugarcane farmers to produce and process sugar as well as ethanol; and in 2017, investments grew to include healthcare services.

In 2010, the company international assets grew to include Maamba Collieries, Zambia’s largest coal mine concessionaire, which has also led to the development of a 300 MW power plant in Zambia, in 2016.

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