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List of IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem

List of IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem

Replica Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Replica Technologies India Pvt Ltd has grown from a specialist in Document Scanning and Digitization, software development, Data Entry, Data Capturing, XML Conversion, epub Conversion and support set up in the year 2012 to an end-to-end IT solutions provider for Government of India, Replica Technologies is primarily focused on e-governance projects in India that is growing at a triple digit growth rate every year and off-shoring solutions ranging from strategy consulting, business analysis, project management, software development, software implementation, maintenance and support.

Replica Technologies is operating out of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. We at Replica Technologies India Pvt Ltd believe in providing customer-centric solutions through adherence to excellent business methodologies, high quality processes and global delivery practices. Due to this, Replica Technologies is able to retain its clients who contribute 75% of the revenue and grow its business. It has grown steadily with more than 100% growth in resources and revenues since its inception with highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Replica Technologies team comprises of 500 + experienced professionals and management team to deliver right solutions to the client. 

S.NOCompany NameWebsite
1Cointona It Technologies India Private limitedcointona.org
2Replica Technologies India Private limitedreplicatechnologies.com
3Raster Images Private Limitedraster.in
4Aania Technologies Private Limitedaania.co
5Mahendra Next Wealth It India Private limitedmnxw.org
6Techindia Itbuild Business Solutionsprivate Limitedtechindiapro.com
7Mallow Technologies Private Limitedmallow-tech.com
8Beehome Solutions Private Limitedbeehome.in
9Centillion Infotech Private Limitedoutsource-infotech.com
10Sennovate Infotech (India) Private limitedsennovate.com
List of TOP 10 IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem

Raster Images Private Limited

Raster Images Private Limited is an Information Services & Technology Company with over 20 years of professional experience, providing software consultancy and solutions to cover the entire continuum of patient care and hospital administration to clients globally. The company is involved in several verticals, of which healthcare is primary focus.

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Dr. Suresh Viswanathan, a medical doctor with long-standing interests in medical informatics and imaging, started the software development company named Raster Images to pioneer medical imaging in the region over a decade ago. Today Raster Images has matured into a recognised organisation in the IT industry for designing, developing, implementing and training highly technological and innovative solutions for complex problems faced by both the private and public sector. Through market leadership, financial strength and responsible business practices, the company demonstrate enduring capacity to serve any business as key partners. Raster Images has been a “Trusted Adviser” for many medical institutes.

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Aania Technologies Private Limited

Aania.co is a premium full service digital marketing agency that focuses on quality, innovation, & speed. We utilized technology to bring results to grow our clients businesses. We pride ourselves in great work ethic, integrity, and end-results.

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List of IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem

So here is the full List of IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem with office address

Company NameOffice Address
88Gb Business Solutions Private Limited138/5, RAJAGANAPATHY ARCADE, TOWN RAILWAY STATION ROAD, SALEM , Salem  TN 636001
Aalan Technohub Private Limited77 ANGALAMMAN KOIL STREET SHEVAPET SALEM , Salem  TN 636002
Aania Technologies Private Limited#37, Ayyasamy Road shevapet SALEM , Salem  TN 636002
Airavath Technologies Private Limited245 Bazaar Street Thammampatty Salem , Salem  TN 636113
Airdata Internet Services Privatelimited3/187 VEEPPAMPOONDI POST GANGAVALLI TK SALEM , Salem  TN 636101
Akots India Private Limited18/42 Old Pilliyar Koil street Ammapet salem , Salem  TN 636003
Beehome Solutions Private Limited1109/419/1, SALEM-CUDDALUR MAIN ROAD ATTUR , Salem  TN 636102
Bigmantra (Opc) Private Limited231/1, MG ROAD NEW FAIRLANDS SALEM , Salem  TN 636016
Bixware Technologies Private Limited307A, Ward-12, Kaliyamman Koil Street Valappady Salem , Salem  TN 636115
Carrus Network India Private LimitedNO.21 K ANNA NAGAR SARADA COLLEGE ROAD SALEM , Salem  TN 636007
Centillion Infotech Private Limited612, Pillayar Kovil Street 2nd Cross, SBI Colony Salem , Salem  TN 636004
Codesizzler India Private Limited38, Mohammed Pura Street No.1 Salem Salem , Salem  TN 636001
Cointona It Technologies India PrivatelimitedNo.24/302, J H Tower, 2 and 3 Floor, LIC Colony, Hotel Vasantham Road Salem , Salem  TN 636004
Custq Software Services Private LimitedNO. 18-1/238, VASANTHA NAGAR II STREET, SALEM SALEM , Salem  TN 636006
D3Minds Cyber Solution Private Limited19/1, LAKSHMI PURAM 2ND STREET NORTH UDAYAR PALAYAM, ATTUR SALEM , Salem  TN 636102
Efone Communications Private Limited(Opc)OLD NO.1802/7, NEW NO.1/134-3, KVB RAM NAGAR EAST SALEM BYE PASS ROAD, VENGAMEDU PO KARUR , Karur  TN 639006
Egnaro Software Solutions PrivatelimitedNO : 738 – BARATHI CAMPUS,RAMAMOORTHY NAGAR PUTTHU MARIAMMAN KOVIL POST SALEM , Salem  TN 636003
Infimit Solutions Private LimitedDoor No. 179/2, Plot No.38, Indane Nagar Extension, Jagir Reddipatty, Salem , Salem  TN 636302
Inmate Technology Private LimitedNEW NO : 438, OLD NO : 21, WATER BOARD COLONY TWAD NAGAR, ALAGAPURAM KATTUR SALEM , Salem  TN 636016
Karvam Infotech Private Limited46/1C, AMANI KONDALAAMPATTY BYPASS RD NATTAMANGALAM PO SALEM , Salem  TN 636010
Maasta Marketing Private Limited44/22, 23A, Sekkara Street, Ramnagar Kumarasamipatti Salem , Salem  TN 636007
Mahendra Next Wealth It India PrivatelimitedCPS TOWERS16 ADVAICHA ASHARAM ROAD FAIR LANDS SALEM ,  TN 636016
Mallow Technologies Private LimitedSF NO.535, SALEM BYE PASS ROAD SEMMADAI KARUR ,  TN 639006
Neosme Technologies Private Limited221,2ND FLOOR,P&T COLONY, RAJAJI AVENUE,ALAGAPURAM PUDUR, SALEM , Salem  TN 636016
Nipurna It Solutions Private LimitedSF No. 297- B, S.K. Township Thathampatty SALEM , Salem  TN 636014
Oncampus Technologies Private LimitedNo 365-A, Midland Nagar, Suramangalam Main Road, Salem , Salem  TN 636005
Ongil Private Limited79 D3, Sivaya Nagar Reddiyur Alagapuram , Salem  TN 636004
Outsource Images India Private Limited102, ARAVANGADU, VEERAKKAL POST, NANGAVALLI, METTUR TALUK, SALEM ,  TN 636454
Oviardes Technologies Private Limited169/1b1, SAKTHIRAM ILLAM INDIRA NAGAR, KARUPPUR SALEM , Salem  TN 636012
Raster Images Private Limited54B BRINDAVAN ROAD FAIRLANDS ALAGAPURAM SALEM , Salem  TN 636016
Replica Technologies India PrivatelimitedNEW NO: 50-6/96, KARUNGALPATTY MAIN ROAD NO: 3 SALEM , Salem  TN 636008
Savas Technology Services (Opc) PrivatelimitedS.F No. 263/2 Gandhi Nagar J.A. PALAIYAM , Salem  TN 636302
Sennovate Infotech (India) Privatelimited2/63 SIVAYA NAGAR 11TH CROSS , 2ND MAIN ROAD SALEM ,  TN 636004
Stemsol Consultancy Services Privatelimited621/180C RN PALAYAM GOPALAPURAM POST , ATTUR SALEM , Salem  TN 636107
Stinsoft Technologies Private LimitedH38, 1st Floor, TNHB Vasantham Nagar, Opp. Periyar University, Kottagundampatty Salem , Salem  TN 636011
Taflo Infotech Services (Opc) PrivatelimitedC/OREV. SAMUEL D STEPHENS,DO NO24/3-61/3 BRETTS ROAD, SALEM, SALEM , Salem  TN 636001
Tasdev Amsoft India Private LimitedNO.21 K ANNA NAGAR SARADA COLLEGE ROAD SALEM , Salem  TN 636007
Techindia Itbuild Business Solutionsprivate LimitedNo.70/2, Second Floor, Sakthi Complex, Cherry Road, Hasthampatty Salem , Salem  TN 636007
Tiebuzz Solutions Private Limited.165/4e/A1a Canvent Road, Alagapuram Pudur Salem , Salem  TN 636016
Timestouch Technologies Private Limited1ST FLOOR 555 PILLIYAR NAGAR M.P. KOIL SHEVAPET SALEM , Salem  TN 636005
V Create Technologies India PrivatelimitedVeerammal Ponnambalam Illam No.144 Second Main Road, Shivaya nagar, Alagapuram Salem ,  TN 636016
Vcloud Network Services Private Limited3/187 VEEPAMPOONDI POST GANGAVALLI TK SALEM SALEM , Salem  TN 636101
Zebracurves Private LimitedNo. 2, 2-1, VIDHYA NAGAR, 6TH KURUKKU STREET SALEM , Salem  TN 636003
List of IT Companies (BPO Software etc) in Salem

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