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Top Game Development companies in India

Here you can find the List of Top Game Development Companies in India. The Gaming Industry is growing into a billion-dollar market. The supply and demand chain
has created an industry worth more than $890 million. This means there are over 250
developers in India right now. Here’s a list of top game developers in India.

In India alone, there are more than 250 game developing companies. Some of them are Indian, others foreign. Together they have created an industry worth almost a billion dollars.

Top 10 IT Companies in India

This is an industry that has grown huge in the last decade in India. Here are some of the top game developers that are either Indian or to be found in India. The future of the gaming industry seems to be very bright.

List of Top Game Development companies in India

So here is the List of Top Game Development companies in India.


One of the most well-known IT Companies in India is TCS. The company makes all kinds of
games, mobile apps, and many different IT solutions. TCS was founded in 1968, and now it is one of the largest IT companies, not only in India but in the world. The company is a part of a group of extremely successful IT companies in India.

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TCS is one of the largest game development companies in India.

2Pi Interactive

2Pi Interactive is an Indian company behind a range of quality games. They include the Cat Monk, Ants can Fly, Tangled Up!, and Hit Bit Hacker. Unanimous Studios
With more than 5000 apps and games, Unanimous Studios is at the top of game developers in India.

2Pi Interactive is among the top gaming companies in India. They are the people behind popular games like Cap It Cop It, Gold Rush, Feed the
Camel, Flappy War, and Legend of Prince Gohil.

Apar Games

In 2007 Apar Games launched. Since then, they have produced games for Android, PC, iOS, and consoles. They are the developers behind high-quality games like Scribbled Arena, It’s Dicey, Empire of a Billionaires, and Crime Mystery.

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Game app development company Apar Games is one of the largest in the list of best gaming Development companies in India.

Scientific Games

Scientific Games is at the top of the list when it comes to creating lottery games. They do
casino games and interactive lottery games among other things. Their games are to be found in pretty much all the Indian casinos. But it’s not only India who gets to enjoy Scientific Games’ great games. The company is at the front worldwide in this genre.


Game app development company Timus is best growing gaming companies in India. The world of mobile games is growing rapidly, and nothing seems to indicate that this will cool down anytime soon. This is good news for Timuz, who is one of the leading companies in mobile game development.

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Timuz is among the list of top game app development company in India and in Asia.


Game app development company CreatioSoft makes games for all kinds of phones like iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry Mobile. Since 2012 they have developed more than 100 apps including Catch the Bull, Night Surfers, Run Moolah Run, Vasco Slot, and Bingo. And many others

The game developers mentioned here are just a few of the hundreds of game developers in India. Creatiosoft is among the list of top gaming companies in India.

So, if you’re interested in game development, there’s plenty more to check out. Also, if you want to find new fun games, it’s always a good idea to look into the developers of the games you already like. Chances are that if you like one of their games, you will probably like others as well.

So finally these are the List of Top Game Development companies in India.

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