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Astra Microwave Products Limited was incorporated in 1991 and it got listed under NSE and BSE in the year 1994. The Group is engaged in the business of design, development and manufacture of sub-systems for Radio Frequency and microwave systems used in defense, space, meteorology and telecommunication.

Manufacture, supply, installations and service of electronic machinery, components, spares and other electronic parts, design communication and spare electronic warfare, designing, manufacturing & dealing in space craft, launching vehicles, robots for the sector & aviation and aerospace, deep space, define and internal security.

Astra Microwave Products Ltd Profile

Astra Microwave Products Limited (AMPL) was incorporated in 1991 by a team of distinguished scientists with experience in RF/Microwave/Digital electronics and management of projects with high technology content. The three promoters had back then sensed a need for a sound, technically powerful private company that can design, develop and produce highly end RF and Microwave subsystems and systems for strategic applications.

AMPL thus came into existence with a handful of highly motivated individuals, the path of progress being clear from the beginning. Starting operations from what is now called Unit I, the Company has grown substantially in its 26+ years of existence to achieve a turnover of approx. INR 450 crores with continuous investment in infrastructure, captive test facilities and other resources.

  • Incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1991.
  • Became publicly traded company in 1995
  • Listed in both NSE and BSE.
  • Experience of over twenty six years working with various Indian Government Laboratories, Indian Defense Public Sector Undertakings, Indian Space Research Organization and many foreign OEM’s.
  • Corporate office at Hyderabad, INDIA
  • Three manufacturing units in Hyderabad, INDIA
  • One R&D unit in Hyderabad and One R&D unit in Bangalore, INDIA
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified by Intertek
  • AS9100 Rev D certified by NQA
  • R&D recognized by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
  • One of the key assets of the company is the combined experience of its employees & hands on experience in RF/Microwave domain
  • Mass Production expertise
  • Wide range of expertise in RF & Microwave area along with all associated digital electronics
  • State of the art in house assembly and test facilities

Today the company has three production units and two R&D units that also include an exclusive space qualified facility. Astra today has an array of assembly and test facilities that include 3 Automatic assembly lines for PCBA assembly, 5 class 10K clean rooms, functional test infrastructure that extends from 30MHz up to 40GHz, in house Environment test facilities including EMI/EMC facility and a first for any Indian Private Industry – Near Field Antenna test and measurement range. Astra is an ISO9001:2008 company, along with AS 9100 Rev D certification for its special projects division.

Products of Astra Microwave

Being a company with a strong R&D Back ground, AMPL has undertaken production of equipment from R&D labs to reduce the production lead times. AMPL has also demonstrated its capability to provide complete solutions from concept to product realization using in house engineering.

Starting with a diverse range of microwave products like filters, transmitters, receivers, antennas etc., the achievement in producing actual space-borne hardware that has flown on Indian satellites was a dream come true for the promoters and for the company and an endeavor to be proud of for the entire AMPL team.

  • Defence
  • Space
  • Meteorology
  • Homeland Security
  • Systems

With these achievements under its belt, AMPL is targeting to move up the value chain using partnerships and helped by the Make in India policy of the Government of India. Formulating appropriate policies, AMPL has started accumulating the resources required for this important task, including man power, IP and infrastructure.

The MMIC activities are operational now in a vast self-owned campus with class 10,000 clean room facilities and state of the art assembly and testing facilities. Also, AMPL started a new R&D facility close to Bangalore airport with an aim to expand its achievements further and be closer to its biggest customers.


Astra Microwave has designed, developed and produced critical sub-systems for its customers for building various airborne, naval and ground based systems. The contribution in the major areas of work is summarized below

Radar Electronics

Radar Electronics is the area of work that brings the maximum revenue for Astra Microwave. Astra has designed, developed and produced various components and sub-systems that are used to build small range, medium range and long range radars for ground, naval and airborne applications.

  • Active Antenna Array Units – L, S, C, X, Ku-Bands
  • TR Modules- V/UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka-Bands
  • Wideband TR modules
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • Receiver Exciters upto Ka Band
  • Central Units- L & S Bands
  • Antenna Beam forming units
  • All receiver subsystems
  • Array Group Receivers
  • Monopulse Receivers
  • Waveform Generators
  • Own MMIC’s

Electronic Warfare

Astra Microwave has been a major player for indigenous sourcing of sub-systems in all major EW programs in India and has designed Wide band super-components in frequency ranges from 0.5 to 18 and 18 to 40 GHz. Astra has built many sub-systems that form part of Radar Warning receivers especially Wide band super-components like DLVA’s, BLI’s and DIFM’s.

  • Antennas
  • EDLVA and BLI Super Components
  • EW Simulators
  • DIFM Receivers
  • Front End Receivers
  • Up/down convertors
  • Homodyne Receivers

Strategic Electronics & Telemetry

One of the early areas of work was for Astra Microwave was in the design and development of critical sub-systems for strategic platforms.

  • Command Guidance Units
  • Radio Proximity Fuze
  • L, S, C & X-Band Transponders
  • Phased Array based Telemetry Tracking System
  • Sub-systems for Gimbal based and AESA Seeker
  • Ground and Air-borne data link systems
  • Data and Video Telemetry transmitters, transponders, encoders & decoders
  • Telemetry Receivers


Starting 2004, Astra Microwave has been working closely with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to design, develop and produce space grade sub-systems and components for various Indian Satellite programs. Astra Microwave is proud to have associated with every major satellite program of India starting from 2007. Astra Microwave has participated in both Flight Model and Ground Based Electronics for ISRO.


  • Sub-systems for Multi-object Tracking Radar
  • Coherent frequency generators
  • L-band modulators
  • 8×8 switchable routers for earth station
  • V/UHF T/R modules for ST radar
  • Ka-band indoor/outdoor units

S-level (on-board) / Flight Model

Sub-systems for SAR Payloads
Sub-systems for Geostationary Satellites
Sub-systems for Remote Sensing Satellites


  • C-band T/R modules
  • SSPA
  • 1:12-way power dividers
  • 2, 3, 4-way power dividers
  • X-band phase shifter, power amplifier
  • S-band transmitter
  • Fabrication and assembly of RISAT antenna
  • 8X8 switch matrix for the communication payloads
  • Ku-band receivers
  • Ku-band beacon source
  • C-band MMIC receivers
  • 4×4 switch matrix


  • Water Level Measurement (Bubbler/Radar Sensor)
  • Agromet Meteorological Stations (AMS)
  • Automatic Rain Gauge (ARG)
  • Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)
  • Mini boundary layer masts
  • 50m tower masts
  • Agro met towers


  • Perimeter Surveillance System
  • Non-linear junction detector


Other Areas of work for Astra include Antennas, MMIC testing and assembly, Contract Manufacturing and products for Homeland Security.


Bhavyabhanu Electronics Pvt. Limited (BEPL) : Bhavyabhanu Electronics Private Limited (BEPL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Astra Microwave Products Limited (AMPL). BEPL has been established with State-of-the-Art manufacturing & test facilities to meet Global Standards. This combined with experienced man power & stabilized processes ensure that the needs of various Industry Segments can be met easily.

BEPL is a dependable player with excellent technological capabilities and a long-term commitment to the defense, aerospace, medical and industrial electronics industry. Its products are known for ruggedness and reliability and conform to the latest quality standards. BEPL can handle both high-mix, low/medium volume products as well as high volume production for our customers.

Aelius Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. : Aelius Semiconductors Pvt Ltd is a fabless MMIC Design House, based in Singapore. Aelius Semiconductors develops GaAs and GaN MMIC products based on a robust and reliable design philosophy. These designs are fabricated at leading foundries across the world.

The products are tested and packaged as per customer’s requirement utilizing state-of-the-art facilities. Aelius’s unique and wide range of MMIC products are focused primarily on the Defense and Space industries, with competitive time lines and prices. We offer the flexibility to custom-package our products to customer’s chosen configuration of die, package, or module.

Joint Venture

Astra Microwave has formed a Joint Venture with Foreign Partner in order to pursue new domains of business where Astra Microwave synergies are further extended by the domain knowledge and technology strength of its foreign partner.

Astra Rafael Comsys Private Ltd.: Astra Microwave Products Ltd and M/s RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD., Israel (RAFAEL) have come together to form a Joint Venture Company called Astra Rafael Comsys Private Ltd. (ARC).

ARC shall be the parties mutually exclusive vehicle in India and will focus on indigenous technology and Make in India programs. ARC will engage in carrying out production, integration, customization, marketing, sale, life cycle support and additional activities as required in the fields of Tactical Radio Communication systems, Electronic Warfare Systems and Signal Intelligence Systems.

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