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Food Manufacturing Companies in Erode List

List of Food Manufacturing Companies in Erode which are sorted out based on capital

S.noCompany NameWebsite
1Sakthi Sugars Limitedsakthisugars.com
2Spac Starch Products (India) Privatelimitedspac.in
3S.P.Mani And Mohan Dairy (India) Private Limitedamirthaadairy.com
4Japs Holdings Impex Private Limitedjpsholdings.com
5Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limitedkrishinutrition.com
6Milky Mist Dairy Food Private Limitedmilkymist.in
7Nambisan ‘S Dairy Private Limitednambisans.in
8Amar Agarwal Foods (India) Privatelimitedaa551.com
9Eatman Foods India Private Limitedeatmanfoods.com
10Grenera Nutrients Private Limitedgrenera.com
Food Manufacturing Companies in Erode List

Sakthi Sugars Limited

Sakthi Sugars Limited is one of the important members of the Sakthi Group contributing a large share of revenue to the group’s turnover.  Sakthi Sugars Limited was established in the year 1961, with commercial production of Sugar commencing in the year 1964 at its Sakthinagar Sugar plant.

Today it has in its fold four Sugar plants with three of them in Tamil Nadu located at Sakthinagar, Sivaganga and Modakurichi and one plant in Orissa at Dhenkanal. With the aggregate capacity of 19,000 Tonnes of cane Crush per Day (TCD), Sakthi Sugars Limited is one of the largest producers of Sugar in the country.

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S.P.Mani And Mohan Dairy (India) Private Limited

Amirthaa is a leading manufacturer & supplier of milk and milk products in Southern India spanning across Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and pockets of markets in Kerala. The company operate milk procurement, milk and milk products processing and distribution through main Dairy located at Erode.

Amirthaa’s product line includes Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Flavoured milk, Paneer, Khova, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Milk powder, Dairy Whitener (SMP & WMP).

Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limited

Krishi has become a trusted name in the animal feed industry in Southern India. The knowledge and expertise in animal nutrition, raw material procurement, state-of-the-art production facilities, good management practices and rural marketing have all helped Krishi attain excellence in a short period of time.

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Krishi has grown tremendously in a short span of time with 12 production units in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra having a total production capacity of 3000 tons a day. A well trained team of over 100 sales and service professionals work with more than 720 distributors in marketing and selling Krishi’s Animal Feed products in South India. Krishi is in the process of making an entry into the Western parts of the Country to meet the growing demand.

Krishi now manufactures and sells an extensive range of products to cater to various segments in livestock and poultry such as feed for milch cows & buffaloes, calves, sheep & goats, broiler, layer, nattukozhi (country chicken) and quail. With a view to diversifying their business and expanding their services, Krishi has plans to step into Agri – input business and commodity trading which will help to maintain the lead in Indian Animal Feed Industry. Krishi has recently stepped into “Broiler Integration” segment in Tamil Nadu to optimize the opportunities to emerge as a leader.

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Nambisan ‘S Dairy Private Limited

Nambisan’s – a name that brings to memory the fondest of moments that every family has spent together cherishing every festival. At Nambisan’s we do not work to just give you another product, but give you something that you cherish for its quality and for its ability to enhance the taste of every dish you cook.

The company traditional cooking ghee is made from the best of the dairy produce from the Milk belt of South India. Nambisan’s for more than eighty-nine years has been continuously serving customers the best of tradition using the most modern techniques that has been favourite choice of millions of homes in South India, Singapore, Andamans, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

Company NameWebsite
Sakthi Sugars Limitedsakthisugars.com
Spac Starch Products (India) Privatelimitedspac.in
S.P.Mani And Mohan Dairy (India) Private Limitedamirthaadairy.com
Japs Holdings Impex Private Limitedjpsholdings.com
Krishi Nutrition Company Private Limitedkrishinutrition.com
Milky Mist Dairy Food Private Limitedmilkymist.in
Nambisan ‘S Dairy Private Limitednambisans.in
Amar Agarwal Foods (India) Privatelimitedaa551.com
Eatman Foods India Private Limitedeatmanfoods.com
Grenera Nutrients Private Limitedgrenera.com
Oriyon Natural Flavours Private Limitedoriyonflavours.com
Angel Starch & Food Private Limitedangelstarch.com
Qualfis Foodz Private Limtiedqualfis.com
Sunraja Oil Industries Private Limitedsunraja.com
Deepthi Natural Products Private Limiteddeepthiorganics.com
Lanco Agro Foods India Private Limitedlancospices.co.in
Prasatham Products Private Limitedprasatham.com
Amirthaa Dairy Private Limitedamirthaadairy.com
Vallis International Trading Privatelimitedvallisinternationaltrading.com
Porna Food Products Private Limitedskmpornafoods.com
Nutricon Ventures Private Limitedaagaaram.com
Creasion Products Private Limiteddhaanyatofu.com
Rich & Reach Foods Private Limitedwesafchemicals.com
Freshtree Foods & Beverages Privatelimitedfreshtreefoods.com
List of Food Manufacturing Companies in Erode

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