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List of IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy

List of IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy

Top 20 IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy

Here is the list of Top 20 IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy based on Paid-up Capital

Enixs Technology India Private Limited

Enixs Technology India Pvt Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and one of the Fastest Growing Advanced Electronic Equipment Manufacturers in India.  Enixs is an Impressive Firm, renowned for its High Standard and Quality Business. Enixs is one of the Most Popular and Well Respected Supplier of Embedded, VLSI, DSP and Test & Measurement Equipment in Major parts of India.

Enixs have 100 plus loyal customers including IITs, NITs, IISc, ISRO, DRDO etc., Enixs is engaged in the Development of New Electronic Products and Manufacturing Processes with excellent R&D infrastructure and technically qualified team of engineers.

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Enixs holds NSIC certification and Implemented Goal oriented performance tracking system. It acquired 15000 Sqft Plot at SIDCO Industrial Estate, Trichy and Setup the State of art R&D house with sophisticated world class machines. Enixs successfully branch out to New Jersey, USA as Enixs Technology LLC.

It Mentored enthusiastic Employees with average age of 30 with average qualification of graduation in Technology. Established a Strong Brand ‘Enixs’ in customers including nationally important institutions with 20+ MoU, 75+ Faculty Development Program and 200+ Workshop across country. Enixs Owned 150+ indigenous products. Enixs having strong and IP valued innovations like RUDRA and Pingalab.

1Enixs Technology India Private Limited24450000
2Tefugen Technologies Private Limited10250000
3Oasys Green Tech Private Limited3250000
4Bizz Solutions Private Limited2800000
5Macro-Integration Private Limited2500000
6Surfaceinsight Technologies Privatelimited2400000
7Modelon Engineering Private Limited2000000
8Vijay Soft Solutions Private Limited2000000
9Boxfile Web Services Private Limited1010000
10Tts Business Services Private Limited1000000
11Baimass Technologies Private Limited570000
12Figtech Private Limited500000
13Ibda Enterprises Private Limited500000
14Vdart Software Services Private Limited200000
15Marajo Technology Private Limited112104
16Helloleads Private Limited100000
17Akme Ai Solutions Private Limited100000
18Vagus Technologies Private Limited100000
19Carboncubes Technology (India) Privatelimited100000
20Carma Networks India Research &Development Private Limited100000
List of top 20 IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy

Tefugen Technologies Private Limited

Tefugen Technologies Private Limited a dynamic organization striving to become successful by developing the depth of global experience needed to meet all technological needs in order to support our customers in various tasks.

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The company always aim to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding services and solve difficult problems in a timely manner. Tefugen Technologies Private Limited understand the challenges faced by the organizations throughout the world and provide accurate analysis and immediate solutions which act as a vital part of objective.

Oasys Green Tech Private Limited

OASYS group is one of the leading and diversified entities in India with a turnover of INR 2.7 Billion a year. Established in the year 2000 as Omne Agate Systems Pvt. Ltd. emerged as OASYS Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd in 2016. The company is also the leading master System Integrator and Turnkey Solution Provider delivering cutting edge technology solutions in various e-Governance, IT, ITeS, Education, HealthCare and other business verticals.

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OASYS Cybernetics is a one of the leading organization specializing in supporting nation building process through Project Management and System Integration. Partnering with the Government of India, by providing technical services and solutions, mission is to ensure that every citizen is a part of the Digital India.

The company services currently touch the lives of over 18 to 20 crores of Indians. (reached the goal of 2017-18). 97% of the revenue are from e-Governance business verticals. With the State-of-the-art infrastructure, qualified Technical Engineers, certified Project Managers, Architects, highly trained Field Engineers we serve a variety of needs.

List of IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy

So here is the List of IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy based on alphabetical order

S.NOCompany NameWebsite
1Adaptive Bizapp Systems Private Limitedadaptivegroups.com
2Akme Ai Solutions Private Limitedakme.ai
3Arin Professional Services Privatelimitedlearningcenter.co.in
4Baimass Technologies Private Limitedbaimaas.com
5Bizz Solutions Private Limitedtnets.com.sg
6Boxfile Web Services Private Limitedboxfile.in
7Carboncubes Technology (India) Privatelimitedcarboncubes.biz
8Carma Networks India Research &Development Private Limitedcarmanetworks.com
9Chekdit Internet Services Privatelimitedchekdit.io
10Cpm Digital Private Limitedcpmdigitalinc.com
11Crystree Solutions Private Limitedcrystalteck.com
12Digiit Business Services Private Limiteddigiit.biz
13Dyn3D Technologies Private Limiteddyn3dtech.com
14Eezhaa Software Private Limitedeezhaa.com
15Enixs Technology India Private Limitedenixs.in
16Eqhealth Systems Private Limitedequadriga.com
17Fern Bis Software Private Limitedfernsoftware.com
18Figtech Private Limitedibdaenterprise.com
19Fived Data Solution Private Limitedfivedds.com
20Frontaddress Technologies Privatelimitedfrontaddress.biz
21Gaddiel Technologies Private Limitedgaddieltech.com
22Helloleads Private Limitedhelloleads.io
23Ibda Enterprises Private Limitedibdaenterprise.com
24Iswasu Technologies India Privatelimitedfuturenet.in
25Macro-Integration Private Limitedmacro-integration.com
26Marajo Technology Private Limitedzceppa.com
27Meetaide Technologies Private Limitedmeetaide.com
28Modelon Engineering Private Limitedmodelon.com
29Oasys Green Tech Private Limitedoasys.co
30Omega It Resources Private Limitedomegasolutioninc.com
31Opus Infiniti Services Private Limitedopusinfiniti.com
32Prophecytek (Opc) Private Limitedprophecyconsulting.com
33Richcholas Technologies Private Limitedrichcholas.com
34Rignova Cloud Private Limitedrignova.com
35Rusefx Private Limitedrusefx.com
36Saasant Infotech Private Limitedsaasant.com
37Sf It Systems Private Limitedsf-its.com
38Silver Cloud Software Solutions Privatelimitedsilvercloudsoft.com
39Stwos Soft Tech Private Limiteds2ssoft.com
40Surfaceinsight Technologies Privatelimitedsurfaceinsight.com
41Systech Hardware & Networking Academyprivate Limitedsystechacademy.com
42Tefugen Technologies Private Limitedtefugen.com
43Tts Business Services Private Limitedttsglobalservices.com
44Ttstech Software Services Privatelimitedtts-tech.com
45Ulagellam Technologies Private Limitedulagellam.com
46Unitecare Software Solutions Privatelimitedunite.care
47Vagus Technologies Private Limitedanbakam.com
48Varnik Systems Services Private Limitedmsservicesinc.com
49Vcollab Etiquette Private Limitedcloudetiquette.com
50Vdart Digital Private Limitedvdartinc.com
51Vdart Software Services Private Limitedvdartinc.com
52Vdart Technologies Private Limitedvdartinc.com
53Verstand It Services Private Limitedverstand.in
54Vijay Soft Solutions Private Limitedvsgroupsindia.com
55Zafi Robots Private Limitedpropellertechnologies.in
List of IT Companies (Software Company) in Trichy with official Websites
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