Top DTH Companies in India

Here you can find the List of Top DTH Companies in India sorted by market share and the sales. The Television industry in India contracted by 13 percent in 2020 from ₹ 78,700 Crore in 2019 to 68,500 Crore.

A major part of the fall was in the advertising revenues at 21.5 percent although the ad volumes fell only by 3 percent. The number of channels also saw a decline in 2020 by net 9 channels, however, the viewership increased by 7.3 percent from 1,614 billion Average Minute Audience (AMA) to 1,731 billion AMA.

Top DTH Companies in India Brands

So here is the List of Top DTH Companies in India, Direct to Home Brands which are sorted out based on the Market share.

1. Tata Sky Limited

Tata Sky Limited, is a joint venture between Tata Sons and TFCF Corporation (formerly known as Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc.). Incorporated in 2001 and launched services in 2006, Tata Sky is India’s leading content distribution platform providing Pay TV and OTT services.

Tata Sky currently has its footprints spread across 4 lakh towns with over 19 million connections in India. With the objective of connecting to the best content in the world on any budget, any screen, anytime and anywhere, Tata Sky was the first to launch multiple products and services that redefined the subscribers viewing experience in the country.

Tata Sky was the first to bring customized package and ala-carte channels options and Interactive services on the platform, Hindi programming guide, VOD and DIY video library and many more.  

  • Market share: 33 % Subscribers
  • Incorporated: 2001

Tata Sky brought about a complete paradigm shift in the market with the launch of Tata Sky+, offering the breakthrough ‘Personal Video Recorder’ (PVR) technology for the first time in the Indian subcontinent, with unique features such as Pause, Record & Rewind Live TV. It was also the first to launch a 4k enabled and Transfer enabled STB in India. Tata Sky was the first to launch platform and interactive services customized for the Indian market.

The company has invested in state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, partnered with global leaders to provide superior technology and set-up high-end 24×7 call centers in 14 languages across the country crewed by multi-lingual customer service associates to offer professional and efficient customer service. Tata Sky currently has 652 channels & services (498 SD, 91 HD channels, 25 interactive services, 16 SD and 9 HD movie showcase).

2. Dish TV India Limited

Dish TV India Limited ‘Dish TV’ was incorporated on 10 August 1988. The Company is engaged in the business of providing Direct to Home (‘DTH’) television and Teleport services.

Dish TV has been at the forefront of India’s @ Home Digital Entertainment revolution right from its beginning as the first mover in this space. It has always led the market with its technology innovations that have seamlessly combined the television viewing experience with the accessibility and variety offered by digital content.

  • Market share: 27% Subscriber
  • 9300 Towns

The Company has a huge distribution network of over 3,100 distributors & around 3,03,000 dealers/ recharge outlets that span across 9,300 towns in the country. The Company is also engaging with major digital Fintech Companies for ease of recharge availability and widespread acceptance of such platforms.

Dish tv India limited is one the best DTH service provider in India. The Company’s three brands, viz.

  • DishTV,
  • d2h and
  • Zing have distinct positioning in the market catering to different demographics, and together make it the forerunner.

3. Bharti Telemedia Ltd

Bharti Telemedia Ltd is a top player in the category DTH TV Industry. The brand is the 3rd largest dth service provider based on the market share and sales.

  • Market share: 25% Subscriber
  • 3rd Largest

It enjoys this position because at the core, Dish TV has always put the customer first and hence, they prefer the Company’s offerings for their competitive cost, service quality, and easy accessibility and availability through an enormous network.

4. Sun Direct TV Ptv Ltd

Sun Direct , one of the fastest growing DTH service providers in the country, having garnered 16+ million subscribers since its inception in December 2007, aims to become one of the leading players in the DTH space. The company transmits digital satellite television signals across the length and breadth of India. Sun Direct is the first to have adopted the advanced MPEG-4 technology that offers better compression and signal quality.

  • Market share: 16% Subscriber
  • Founded: 2007

It is also the first to have offered High Definition (HD) content, for a whole new television viewing experience. Today, Sun Direct DTH has spreaded rapidly all over the country and offers the best entertainment value in regional content coupled with advanced yet affordable products like set top boxes with USB recordings.

TV Subscriptions in India

Overall TV subscriptions are projected to go up from 176 million in 2020, including 171 Unidirectional TV and 5 million Connected TV, to 231+ million in 2025. The maximum increase will be from Connected TV which will cross 40+ million subscriptions in 2025 as broadband penetration and connection speeds improve across the country. The Unidirectional TV will see only a secular growth to 191+ million TV sets

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