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Vakrangee Ltd incorporated in 1990 is a technology-driven company aiming to bring about a social revolution in India. The company well on a way to building India’s largest network of last-mile retail outlets to deliver services to the unserved and the underserved rural, semiurban and urban population of the country.

Vakrangee delivery outlets are Assisted Digital Convenience stores better known as Next-Gen Vakrangee Kendras. These kendras act as the ‘One Stop Shop’ for availing products and services.

Profile of Vakrangee Ltd

Vakrangee Ltd has successfully launched 11,700+ Next-Gen Vakrangee Kendras and are on track to deliver 25,000 operational NextGen kendras before March 2022.

The company is providing the nation with a myriad of assisted digital services through Next-Gen Kendras, spread over 27 states and union territories covering over 510 districts including more than 4,580 postal codes.

  1. Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of Company L65990MH1990PLC056669
  2. Name of the Company Vakrangee Limited
  3. Registered address Vakrangee Corporate House, Plot No.93, Road No.16, M.I.D.C., Marol, Andheri (E),Mumbai – 400093.
  4. Website www.vakrangee.in
  5. E-mail id info@vakrangee.in

Most of Kendras (almost 70%) are located in Tier V and VI districts, thus serving the underserved in the remotest regions of India. The company is also constantly expanding across the nation with more than 11,730 outlets (Kendras) rolled out until 31st March 2021.

  • Total Revenue – INR 38,395.13 lakhs
  • PAT – INR 6,279.13 Lakhs
  • Return on Net Worth – 2.36%

Product and services

Vakrangee offers a bouquet of services aimed at Financial, Social and Digital inclusion of customers. The company operate on an asset-light, franchisee-based business model to cater to the needs of its stakeholders. As a result, franchisees own and operate relatively fewer capital assets.

The company assisted digital convenience stores, called “Next-Gen Vakrangee Kendras”,
act as one-stop solutions for multiple products and services. We have carefully curated an array of digital offerings.

Vakrangee Kendra outlets are one stop shops providing key Essential and necessary services to the citizens of the country in Rural India such as –

  • Banking Services
  • ATM Services
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Digital Healthcare – Telemedicine health services – Including Unlimited Tele &Video Consultation with expert doctors & Home Blood test facility
  • Assisted E-Commerce – Online shopping of Groceries & Other products
  • Travel Ticket Booking & Utility Bill Payment services.

Vakrangee’s services under each vertical including banking, financial services, insurance, ATM, logistics, online shopping, healthcare, travel, telecom and bill payment services, to maximize benefits to people.

Moreover, the company enhance trust and loyalty of stakeholders by offering the same product and services, at the same time, competitive price and same service levels. The services are specially focussed to provide facilities even at the remotest part of the Nation.

Vakrangee Ltd Subsidiaries

The Company has three wholly owned subsidiaries viz,

  • Vakrangee Finserve Limited,
  • Vakrangee Logistics Private Limited and
  • Vakrangee e-Solutions INC.

Vakrangee e-Solutions INC The Company holds 100% of Equity Share Capital of
Vakrangee e-Solutions INC which was incorporated in the financial year 2009-10 in Philippines for exploring various e-Governance opportunities in Philippines.

The first contract under the initiative was “Land Titling Computerization Project”, under which it completed scanning, digitization and encoding of more than 15 million title deeds for the Government of Philippines. The prestigious LTCP project was successfully executed, through deployment of world class technology and more than 8500 manpower resources to digitize land titles from 168 Districts of Philippines.

Vakrangee Logistics Private Limited, incorporated in March 2016, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vakrangee Limited. Vakrangee Logistics is building for its alliance partners,
an unparalleled last-mile delivery capabilities and thus expanding their reach to unserviceable pincodes, where the logistics challenges are the maximum for traditional logistics companies.

Vakrangee Logistics leverages the physical presence of Vakrangee Kendras to offer the last-mile delivery services. The key services offered by Vakrangee Logistics include forward delivery, reverse pick-ups and courier booking. Vakrangee Logistics through its network ensures a hassle-free experience to its partners and end-customers.

Vakrangee Finserve Limited is a 100% Subsidiary of the Vakrangee Limited, incorporated in September 2011 with a focus on working as Business Correspondent for various Banks under the Business Correspondent (BC) Model of Reserve Bank of India (2006) in the area of Financial Inclusion.

The Company has already signed agreements with various PSU Banks and their Rural Regional banks for carrying out BC services for these banks in identified Rural, Semi-Urban and Urban areas.

The services include bank activities such as opening of Bank Accounts, Deposits, Withdrawals and Remittances, etc. Besides, the Company would provide Business Facilitator Services to these Banks which involve mobilization of deposits and loans.

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