Top 5 Best Jeans Brand in India by market share

Here you can find the List of Top Best Jeans Brands in India which are sorted out based on the market share in Indian Market. List of Top jeans brand name in India.

List of Top Best Jeans Brands in India

So here is the List of Top Best jeans brands in India which are ranked based on market share

1. Levi’s

Inventing blue jeans was just the start of how Levi Strauss pioneered a brand for true originals. Around every bend of the Levi’s® story, innovation and quality is at the heart of everything brand do. Among the List of Top jeans brand name in India.

  • Market share in India: 49%

Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s largest apparel companies and a global leader in jeans. The Levi’s® brand is home to Dockers® and Denizen®. The brand has some 500 stores, and products are available in 110 countries around the world. Leve’s is the largest in the list of best jeans brand in India.

2. Pepe Jeans

Born in 1973 on the streets of Portobello, worn in the world today. As a denim pioneer the brand have consistently reinvented the definition of denim to keep up with the trends. It is an iconic brand that is synonymously associated with denim and limitless creativity. Pepe Jeans London gives you the foundations to exude self-confidence, uniqueness and authenticity.

  • Market share in India: 14%

Whether you put your trust in skinnies or you feel like a winner in a wide leg, the brand has got all the jeans you need, in cuts that’ll feel like they were made for your shape. The brand is 2nd largest in the List of Top jeans brand name in India.

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3. Wrangler

Wrangler is the everyday performance denim brand. Since the dawn of denim, the brand inspiration and guide has been real life experiences. The brand believe that clothing should be designed to fit the needs of the people wearing it. One of the best jeans brand in India.

  • Market share in India: 13%

Now, with jeans being worn by millions every day, brand is totally committed to improving the everyday functionality of jeans and to making a huge and positive difference to your life. The Brand ground-breaking innovative platform, Denim Performance, started with understanding of what riders need from a pair of jeans: Tough Gear, Sun Shield, Cool Vantage, Anti-Bacteria and Water Repellent.

The brand move with the times, often leading the way to providing more comfortable, more stylish and more innovative every day denim wear. A wear that is just as durable, authentic and stylish as you would expect from the world’s favourite denim brand.

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4. Lee Jeans

Lee is the signature of quality, innovation and durability. The brand is among the list of List of Top jeans brand name in India.

Following with the establishment of ‘H.D. Lee Mercantile Company’ by Henry David Lee in Kansas, United States, Lee becomes a legendary denim brand which continues making history by its product innovations, such as the world’s first-ever zip fly jeans – 101Z in 1926, iconic ‘Hair-on-hide’ leather label and ‘Lazy S’ back pocket stitching.

Market share in India: 11%

From the launch of the 1st Lee bib to the 13oz ‘101’ cowboy jeans, Lee demonstrates the passion of innovation over 120 years, transforming from a practical-and-durable-workwear maker to a contemporary-and-trendy fashion giant.

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5. Spykar

Created in 1992, Spykar is a leading youth fashion denim brand of India. With a penchant for design innovation, new product launches and creating fashion for young India, Spykar is known for its superlative product quality and great fits.

Young & Restless at heart, Brand always aim to deliver emerging hi- street denim trends and fashion staples that resonate with the growing Indian consuming class. One of the best jeans brand in India.

The Company range of denims consist of styles which include Purist for the classic lovers to YnR for the contemporary souls. The top-wear collections are season highlights and compliment the vast range of denims for the season.

Market share in India: 7 %

Progressive and at the helm of all industry updates, Spykar is also the signatory to the S.U.R.E. Memorandum, India’s biggest sustainability pledge committed towards improvement in sustainable practices, by 2025.

Geographically poised for growth, The brand is available across the length and breadth of the country. The brand has a 249 exclusive stores (FO-FR), 1000+ multi-brand outlets as well as presence in all key large format stores.

Since 2014, Spykar is a part of the Bagri family promoted Metdist Group, a diversified portfolio of companies. Based in the EU, Metdist group has interests in metals and diverse industries like fashion, technology, financial services etc.

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