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Top 10 Textile Companies in India (Best Brands)

Here we can see the list of Top 10 textile companies in India. The Raking lists are based on total sales in the year 2019. Now let us see the overall textile industry and then we move on to the companies.

China continued to shed its market share, but India has been clearly missing the bus – most of the gains have been captured by Bangladesh and Vietnam – clearly the 2nd and 3rd largest exports after China, respectively. Indian textile industry continues to be dominated by cotton, accounting for nearly 3/4th of the total fibre consumption in the country.

List of Top 10 textile companies in india

Here are the top 10 textile companies in India by revenue which is sorted out based on Turnover.

1. Arvind Ltd

  • Revenue: Rs 7,229 Cr
  • Employees: 42,000
  • Debt: Rs2,700 Cr
  • Processing Capacity: 240 MMPA

Arvind Ltd is one of the largest Textile Companies in India. Today, the fabric made by Arvind can go around the earth 6 times over. 2 pieces of apparel are sold by an Arvind managed brand, every second in India. The Company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is Largest among the top 10 textile companies in india.

  • Market Cap:  1,315 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 5.93
  • Dividend Yield: 3.93 %
  • ROCE: 8.95 %
  • ROE: 7.70 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): -3.75 %

Arvind owns 22 global patents for environmental solutions, and is the largest fire protection fabric producer in the country; Also managing 15 global apparel brands of the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, US Polo, CK, GAP, Nautica, and Sephora. Arvind is one of the best textile brands in India.

42,000 employees across verticals ranging from retail to advanced materials, environmental and social solutions to real estate, apparel to agriculture. It is No 1 among the top 10 textile companies in India based on turnover. NNNOW.com is Owned by arvind ltd.

Shop Online : NNNow.com is the online platform for International brands like GAP, U.S. Polo Assn., Sephora, Aeropostale, Ed Hardy, Arrow, GANT and leading Indian brands like Flying Machine, True Blue, Unlimited, amongst many others

2. Vardhman Textiles Ltd

Vardhaman Textiles is the Second largest Textile Companies in India With more than five decades of presence, Vardhman is today among the leading textile conglomerates in the country. Beginning humbly in the year 1965, Vardhman Group has evolved over the years into a modern-day textile major under the dynamic leadership of its chairman, Mr. S. P. Oswal. Vardhman Textiles Limited today stands as an epitome of perpetual business growth and rich industry experience.

  • Revenue: Rs 6,706 Cr
  • Processing Capacity: 140 MMPA
  • Employees: 22939 (Including contractual manpower)
  • Debt: Rs 1,975 Cr

Engaged in the business of manufacturing of Yarn, Fabric, Acrylic Fibre, Garments, Sewing Threads and Alloy Steel, the Group has over the years developed as a business conglomerate with presence in India and in 75 countries across the globe. Vardhman is one of India’s largest textile manufacturers, with leading market share and a sustainable business model. It is Second among the top 10 textile companies in india

  • Market Cap:  5,160 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 7.50
  • Dividend Yield: 1.67 %
  • ROCE: 10.90 %
  • ROE: 10.46 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): -2.50 %
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3. Welspun India Ltd

Welspun India is the third Largest Textile Companies in India in terms of sales. Part of USD 2.7 billion Welspun Group, Welspun India Ltd. is a global leader in home textiles, supplying to 17 of the top 30 global retailers. The Companies manufacturing facilities, located in India, are equipped to deliver high-quality products, benchmarked to international standards.

  • Revenue: Rs 6,828 Cr
  • Employees: 22,194 permanent employees
  • Debt: Rs 3,310 Cr

Welspun is among the list of top textile brands in India. Presently over 70% of the business for advanced textiles comes from exports. So it Third among the top 10 textile companies in india based on turnover.

  • Market Cap:  5,265 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 10.82
  • Dividend Yield: 0.57 %
  • ROCE: 11.83 %
  • ROE: 14.49 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 3.28 %

4. Raymond Ltd

Raymond is a diversified group with majority business interests in Textile & Apparel sectors as well as presence across diverse segments such as FMCG, Engineering, and Prophylactics in national and international markets. It is the Fourth-largest among top 10 textile companies in India

Raymond Limited (Raymond)
  • Revenue: Rs 6,767 Cr
  • Employees: 7087
  • Debt: Rs 2,468 Cr
  • Processing Capacity: 110 MMPA

Being a vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturer of Textiles, Raymond produces ‘The finest fabric in the world’. With over 1100 exclusive stores spread across 380+ cities and an expansive network of over 20,000 points-of-sale in India, Raymond and its brands are also available in tier IV & V cities.

  • Market Cap:  3,443 Cr
  • Stock P/E: 22.22
  • Dividend Yield: 0.53 %
  • ROCE: 11.60 %
  • ROE: 9.10 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 8.34 %

Raymond has also been a leading player in Shirting fabrics and is the No.1 brand in the OTC space. A formidable player in the Denim space, Raymond is also the top producer & preferred supplier of high-quality Ring Denim to world’s leading Jeanswear brands.

Raymond Group also has an extensive presence in the B2B space, through its garment business. Raymond’s state of the art & wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Silver Spark Apparel Ltd, Celebrations Apparel Ltd & Everblue Apparel Ltd by crafts suits, trousers, shirts & Jeans for leading fashion labels across the world and is the only manufacturer of Full canvas premium Jackets in India.

5. Trident Ltd

Trident Limited is the flagship company of the US$ 1 billion Indian business conglomerate and global player, Trident Group, headquartered in Ludhiana. Beginning humbly in the year 1990, Trident has evolved over the years into one of the world’s largest integrated home textile manufacturer under the visionary leadership of its founder and Group Chairman Mr Rajinder Gupta.

  • Revenue: Rs 5,394 Cr
  • Employees: 13,816
  • Debt: Rs 2,436 Cr

The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing wide variety of yarn, bed, bath linen, paper, chemicals and captive power. Trident’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Barnala (Punjab) and Budni (Madhya Pradesh). The Company is one of the largest exporters of home textile products with significant market share.

  • Market Cap:  2,979 Cr
  • Stock P/E: 6.83
  • Dividend Yield: 5.13 %
  • ROCE: 12.05 %
  • ROE: 12.92 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 12.51 %
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6. K P R Mill Ltd

KPR Mill Limited is one of the largest vertically integrated Apparel manufacturing companies in India producing Yarn, Knitted Grey & Dyed Fabric and Readymade Garments. It is Sixth in the list of top 10 textile companies in india

  • Revenue: Rs 3,384 Cr
  • Employees: 13,424
  • Debt: Rs 856 Cr

The Yarn division has 3,53,616 spindles with a production capacity of 90,000 MT (Capacity Doubling is underway) per annum. With the most modern machinery of International Standards, KPR produces Combed, Grey Melange , Carded & Compact yarn meant for apparels of world’s Leading Brands.

  • Market Cap:  4,015 Cr
  • Stock P/E: 11.61
  • Dividend Yield: 0.14 %
  • ROCE: 21.13 %
  • ROE: 19.78 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.18 %
  • Promoter holding74.99 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.48
  • Price to book value: 2.24

Fabric division is equipped with high speed automatic circular knitting machines that can knit 27,000 MT per annum of different kinds of fabric. Its Fabric Processing unit has a capacity to process 18,000 MT per annum with trendsetter ETP.

The Garment manufacturing facility is one of the largest in India with a capacity to produce 95 million garments per annum. The company is one of the best textile brands in India.

7. Page Industries Ltd

Page Industries Limited located in Bangalore, India is the exclusive licensee of JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for manufacture, distribution, and marketing of the JOCKEY® brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the UAE. Page Industries is also the exclusive licensee of Speedo International Ltd. for the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of the Speedo brand in India.

  • Revenue: Rs 2,872 Cr
  • Employees: 19419
  • Debt: Rs 85 Cr

JOCKEY is the company’s flagship brand and a market leader in the innerwear category. Page Industries and Brand Jockey have pioneered the innerwear industry on many fronts.

As of September 2017, the brand has 384 Exclusive Brand Outlets across India with 286 stores on high streets and 98 stores in shopping malls with heavy footfalls. These stores reinforce the legacy of brand Jockey and allow us to showcase our complete range of products in Innerwear, Athleisure and Sportswear for men, women and kids.

  • Market Cap:  20,243 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 53.25
  • Dividend Yield: 1.89 %
  • ROCE: 68.73 %
  • ROE: 47.53 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 16.68 %
  • Promoter holding: 48.32 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.11
  • Price to book value: 26

Page Industries has also opened four Jockey Exclusive Brand Outlets in the UAE and two in Sri Lanka.

Within just six years of its operations, the brand is present in over 1286 stores in 86 cities and towns across the country. With 18 Exclusive Brand Stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad, Page Industries is geared to take brand Speedo to the next level of consumer connect and make it the most sought-after swimwear brand in the country.

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8. Nitin Spinners Ltd

Nitin Spinners has emerged as a leading manufacturer of 100% cotton yarn and knitted fabrics in India with over 25 years of experience.

  • Revenue: Rs 1,226 Cr
  • Employees: 3,130
  • Debt: Rs 860 Cr
  • Processing Capacity: 240 MMPA

The Company was established in 1992 and headquartered in Bhilwara (Rajasthan). The Company was formed as a response to the apparent need in the Indian Textile Industry for high-quality products and services.

Located in Bhilwara – The ‘Textile City of India’, the Company is connected to all the major cities of the country, with proximity to raw material sources as well as accessibility to modern shipping ports.

  • Market Cap:  287.01 Cr
  • Stock P/E: 4.8
  • Dividend Yield: 2.45 %
  • ROCE: 11.45 %
  • ROE: 14.29 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 17%
  • Promoter holding: 55.82 %
  • Debt to equity: 1.78
  • Price to book value: 0.59

Nitin Spinners, an ISO 9001:2015 Company and a Government of India Recognized Export House, has today emerged as one of India’s largest and reputed producers of 100% cotton yarn and fabrics. The company is also having Environment and Energy Management System certifications ISO 14000 and ISO 50001, OSHAS for occupational safety and SA 8000 for Social accountability.

9. Rupa & Company Ltd

Rupa is today the unquestioned No.1 knitwear brand in India, covering the entire range of knitted garments from innerwear to casual wear. So it is the Ninth in the list among top 10 textile companies in india.

  • Market Cap:  1,472 Cr
  • Stock P/E: 15.93
  • Dividend Yield: 1.62 %
  • ROCE: 23.63 %
  • ROE: 17.19 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 3.04 %
  • Promoter holding: 73.29 %
  • Debt to equity: 0.31
  • Price to book value: 2.56

Starting as a dream in the far-sighted mindscape of three men of vision and enterprise, Rupa has evolved to become the frontrunner in India and a leading player in global markets with far-reaching footprints and millions of satisfied customers.

10. Himatsingka Seide Ltd

The Himatsingka Group is a vertically integrated Home Textile major with a global footprint. The Group focuses on the manufacturing, retailing and distribution of Home Textile products.On the manufacturing front, the Group operates amongst the largest capacities in the world for producing upholstery fabrics, drapery fabrics and bed linen products.

  • Market Cap:  1,403 Cr.
  • Stock P/E: 7.10
  • Dividend Yield: 3.51 %
  • ROCE: 12.16 %
  • ROE: 14.55 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 11.48 %
  • Promoter holding: 47.57 %
  • Debt to equity: 1.96
  • Price to book value: 0.99

Spread across Asia, Europe and North America, its retail and wholesale distribution divisions carry some of the most prestigious brands in the Home Textile space and cater to Private Label programs of major retailers across these geographies.

Founded in 1985, the Himatsingka Group focuses on design and product development, best-in-class manufacturing processes and efficient supply chain capabilities to ensure the highest level of customer service in the industry. With a team of over 5000 people, the Group continues to expand its reach and build capacities in the Home Textile space.

Textile Industry in India
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