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ACC Limited | Company Profile

ACC Limited (ACC) is a leading player in the Indian building materials space, with a pan-India manufacturing and marketing presence.

With 17 cement manufacturing units, over 90 ready mix concrete plants, over 6,600 talented employees, a vast distribution network of 50,000+ dealers & retailers and a countrywide spread of sales offices, it contributes tremendously to the landscape of the country.

ACC Limited Company Profile

Incorporated in 1936, ACC Limited (ACC), is one of the leading players in the Indian building materials market with a pan-India presence. For over eight decades, ACC has been
synonymous with cement in India, emerging as a pioneer in a rapidly evolving industry scenario.

The Company manufactures different varieties of cement viz.,

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC),
  • Portland Pozollana Cement (PPC),
  • Portland Slag Cement (PSC) and
  • Composite Cement and
  • Ready Mix Concrete (RMX).

It has always set new benchmarks in research and innovative product development and introduced industry-leading brands. ACC was also among the first Indian companies to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its core corporate objectives.

  • Total Assets: ₹ 20,576 Cr.
  • Reserves: ₹ 13,673 Cr.
  • Debt: ₹ 122 Cr.
  • Current assets: ₹ 9,133 Cr.
  • Current liabilities: ₹ 5,992 Cr.
  • Debt to equity: 0.01
  • Dividend yield: 2.22 %
  • Face value: ₹ 10.0
  • ROE 5Yr: 13.0 %
  • ROCE: 19.2 %
  • ROCE 3Yr: 18.1 %
  • Return on equity: 14.1 %

ACC has rich experience in mining, being the largest user of limestone. As one of the largest cement producers in India, it is also among the biggest customers of the domestic coal industry, of Indian Railways, and a considerable user of the country’s road transport network services for inward and outward movement of materials and products.

  • 33.05 MTPA Installed cement capacity
  • 17 Cement plants
  • 9 Captive power plants
  • ~6,400 Employees
  • 56,000 Channel partners.
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Year (₹ Cr)Mar-19Mar-20Mar-21Mar-22Mar-23
Cash from Operation1,1182,2552,2192,835-1,235
Cash ROCE11%20%18%20%-9%
ACC Limited Financials

For over 80 years, ACC has been synonymous with cement, establishing its reputation as a pioneer organisation that consistently sets new benchmarks in research and innovative product development.

  • Sales: ₹ 17,108 Cr.
  • Operating profit: ₹ 1,634 Cr.
  • Net profit: ₹ 817 Cr.
  • Sales last year: ₹ 16,152 Cr.
  • EBIDT last year: ₹ 3,215 Cr.
  • Sales growth 3Years: 2.95 %

ACC ltd Subsidiaries

ACC has five subsidiary companies, which are all engaged to support the core business of the company.

The Company has Five subsidiaries:

The following are the subsidiaries of ACC ltd

  • ACC Mineral Resources Limited
  • Bulk Cement Corporation (India) Limited
  • Lucky Minmat Limited
  • Singhania Minerals Private Limited

These comprise Bulk Cement Corporation (India) Limited which is a bulk cement distribution facility; ACC Mineral Resources Limited which was set up to explore and supply key mineral resources of coal and gypsum. Lucky Minmat Limited, National Limestone Company Private Limited and Singhania Minerals Private Limited which are engaged in supply of limestone.

Parent Company

ACC Cement became a part of the Holcim Group, Switzerland, in 2005 Subsequent to the merger of Lafarge and Holcim in 2015, ACC became integral to LafargeHolcim (LH)
Group – the world’s leading building materials player. Ambuja Cements is also Owned by Holcim Group.

Being a part of this large group has fuelled ACC’s growth and the resultant technology sharing continues to help us stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic Indian market.

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ACC Cement Products

ACC is India’s First name in Portland Cement and Ready Mixed Concrete. Recognized as one of the country’s most trusted names, it is a Consumer SuperBrand, with a unique track record of innovative research and product development.

The brand ACC is a hallmark of quality and durability in Cement and Ready Mixed Concrete – to build homes for the masses of India in its cities, towns and villages as well as enduring structures for infrastructure and industry.

Gold and Silver Range: These Gold and Silver Range of Cement assure Superior Quality for specialized applications and environments besides also being immensely suited for general construction.

Bulk Cement: Bulk Cement, an alternative to bagged cement, which is of particular advantage to large consumers of cement. Internationally, the trend is to move cement more and more in loose form rather than bagged.

ACC LeakBlock is an integral waterproofing compound which should be used in concrete and plaster while constructing new houses. It increases the strength and durability of structures by increasing resistance to water penetration and chloride attack.

It prevent seepage 360 degrees and can be used for all types of applications such as foundation, roof slabs, columns, beams, external wall plastering, water tank, bathroom, kitchens etc. It comes in 5 SKUs 200ml, 1L, 5L 10L & 20L. Recommended Dosage: 200ml per 50kg cement bag.

ACC LeakBlock Ready-to-use Plaster: ACC LeakBlock WaterProof Plaster – LB 101 is a ready-to-use cementitious waterproof mortar suitable for internal and external plaster application. The unique formula consists of well-graded sand and special waterproofing and self-curing additives.

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ACC Suraksha: ACC Suraksha Ready Use Plaster 101 is a carefully proportioned blend of high quality raw materials including well graded fine sand, ACC cement and special performance powder additives.

ACC Suraksha Waterproof Plaster 201 is a ready to use cementitious waterproof mortar suitable for Internal & External plaster application. It’s unique formula consists of ACC cement, well graded sand and special waterproofing and self-curing additives.

ACC Suraksha TBJM 105 is a carefully proportioned cementious mixture that is made of high quality and well graded sand, ACC Cement and special additives, which is used for fixing AAC / CLC / Fly-ash blocks etc. It is a self-curing polymer modified dry mortar.

ACC Suraksha Tile Fix-111 is a ready to use grey cement based tile adhesive used for fixing small sized ceramic & mosaic tiles for internal application. (Both wall & floor.)

ACC Suraksha GROUT 275 is high strength, shrinkage compensated and flowable precision cementitious grout. It is designed for precision anchoring of machinery and metallic structure. This is best suited to withstand the static and dynamic load.

Ready Mixed Concrete (RMX): ACC set up India’s first commercial Ready Mixed Concrete (RMX) plant in Mumbai in 1994. Ready Mixed Concrete is one of the largest manufacturers of RMX in India with about 85 modern plants in major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Ready Mixed Concrete Value Added Products: ACC Ready Mixed Concrete is armed with a wide portfolio of new Value Added Products Solutions for different applications, all tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

ACC ECOPact: ECOPact is a concrete with 30-50% lower embodied carbon content compared to a reference concrete designed with OPC. The company ECOPact products use CO2 reduced ingredients and are with optimized mix designs to reduce their carbon footprint.

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