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Graphite India Ltd | Products

Graphite India Limited is a public company limited by shares domiciled in India and is incorporated under the provision of the Companies Act applicable in India.

Graphite India Limited (GIL) is the pioneer in India for manufacture of Graphite Electrodes as well as Carbon and Graphite Speciality products. GIL’s manufacturing facilities are spread across 6 plants in India and it has also got a 100% owned subsidiary at Nuremberg, Germany, by name Graphite COVA GmbH.

Graphite India Limited

Graphite India (GIL) is the pioneer in Carbon and Graphite products in India. It came into existence way back in 1960s. Starting with Graphite Electrodes, the core product of the company, it has entered into the coveted field of Speciality application of carbon and graphite.

The Company is mainly engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling of graphite &
carbon and other products. The equity shares of the Company are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and the BSE Limited in India.

  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN) of the Company : L10101WB1974PLC094602
  • Name of the Company : GRAPHITE INDIA LIMITED
  • Registered Address : 31, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata – 700 016
  • Website : www.graphiteindia.com
  • E-mail id : gilro@graphiteindia.com

With efficient global partners and proximity of manufacturing facilities to inland customers and sea ports, GIL is able to ensure timely deliveries to its customers.

  • 200 Projects Delivered
  • 98000 tons per annum electrode capacity

Over the years GIL has emerged to become an established and reputed brand in the Global Market. The corporate philosophy of the company lays emphasis on consistent quality of products and services across all its divisions which have culminated to an enviable track record in the industry arena.

The registered office of the Company is located at 31, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata – 700 016, West Bengal, India.

Products of Graphite India

The Following are the List of Products of Graphite India Limited.

  • Graphite Electrodes
  • Impervious Graphite Equipment
  • Speciality Products
  • Carbon Products
  • Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes
  • High Speed & alloy Tool Steel

Graphite Electrodes find application in manufacture of Steel and other non-ferrous metals through the Electric Arc Furnace and the Laddle Furnace routes. It is used as a consumable for conducting high current at low voltage which is necessary for melting and / or alloying processes.

Speciality Products: GIL , the largest manufacturer of synthetic Graphite and Carbon in India also offers Speciality Carbon and Graphite Products and machined components

Carbon Products: GIL offers various Carbon Products for application in Aluminium, Steel, Ferro Alloys and Foundry Castings Industries.

Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes: Graphite India Limited is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing of large diameter Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes, pipeline liners by continuous process in India.

This venture was started in 1989 with Technical and financial collaboration of Veroc technology AS, Norway which was then known as Flowtite AS.

High Speed & Alloy Tool Steel: High-Speed Steels, Alloy Tool Steels and Powder Metallurgy Steels for the cutting tool industry are manufactured by GIL in its Powmex Steels Division, Located at Titilagarh, in Bolangir district in the state of Odisha

Graphite India Limited – Graphite Equipment Division

From its inception in 1983, this Division has come a long way and today regarded as one of the leading manufacturers in the world of Graphite Heat and Mass transfer equipment and systems

It was started in Nasik, India as Graphite Vicarb India Ltd in collaboration with Vicarb SA, France. After collaboration with Vicarb SA ceased in the early nineties, the division was merged with other Nasik based group companies and the name given was Carbon Everflow Ltd.

In 2002, after merger with parent company the name changed to Graphite India Ltd.

General Graphene Corporation, USA is an associate company. As on 31st March 2021, investment of USD 13.98 million (39.43% of capital) has been made in the company. The
investments in General Graphene is accounted for using the equity method as per IndAS 28.

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