Pidilite Industries Ltd Products and Subsidiaries

Since its inception in 1959, Pidilite Industries Ltd has been a pioneer in consumer and specialities chemicals in India.

Profile of Pidilite Industries Ltd

Pidilite is a consumer centric company committed to quality and innovation. For decades, the company has been pioneering products for small to large applications, at home and industry, which have forged strong bonds with people from all walks of life.

From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers and more, the company product portfolio is as diverse as it is ever-evolving. Today, the company brands are trusted household and industrial names, and Pidilite Industries Limited is the market leader in adhesives.

Pidilite Industries Financials
Pidilite Industries Financials

A robust and growing network makes products accessible across demographics and geographies. The company also embrace responsibility towards the community through social initiatives in rural development, education and healthcare.

Products and Brands of Pidilite Industries Ltd

The Company operates under two major business segments

  • Branded Consumer & Bazaar and
  • Business to Business.

Branded Consumer & Bazaar Products, such as Adhesives, Sealants, Art & Craft Materials and Others, Construction and Paint Chemicals are covered under Branded Consumer & Bazaar segment. These products are widely used by carpenters, painters, plumbers, mechanics, households, students, Offices etc.

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  • Branded Consumer & Bazaar segment contributed 79.9%
  • Construction and Paint Chemicals contributed 19.2%
  • 1.4% Others

Business to Business segment covers products, such as Industrial Adhesives, Industrial Resins, Construction Chemicals (Projects), Organic Pigments, Pigment Preparations, etc. and caters to various industries like packaging, joineries, textiles, paints, printing inks, paper, leather, etc.

List of Brands

The following are the brands of Pidilite Industries Limited.


Fevicol is India’s Most Trusted Brand of Adhesives Pidilite’s biggest bond is through the Fevicol family of products. Fevicol has become a household name that is today synonymous with adhesives. The brand has introduced many innovative products which have transformed the way carpentry trade operates in India.

Fevicol MR

Fevicol MR’s biggest strength is its high bonding strength. It is used to bond a variety of substrates like cardboard, paper, polystrene, wood and other material.

Loved for its superior quality, ease of application and distinguished advertising, this synthetic white adhesive has made its way to the hearts and minds of millions. The iconic brand is trusted by consumers of all age groups, and suits the needs of children, offices and households.

Fevicol is available in over 5 lakh outlets in India, and on an average, 4 units of Fevicol MR are sold per second!


Dr.Fixit offers comprehensive system solutions for Waterproofing a new home or Repairing an existing one. The product range includes wide variety of new construction and repair waterproofing solutions for all critical surface areas like Roof, External Walls, Structure, Foundation, Internal Walls, Bathrooms and Water Bodies.

This expert line of solutions, supported by wide retail availability, on-ground technical team and easy-to-reach brand helpline, aims to deliver on the brand vision of Creating a Leak-free and Damp-free India!

Dr. Fixit products are created at modern R&D centers in India, Middle East and Singapore, which employ advanced manufacturing facilities and highly trained professionals. The brand offers specialized training and services facilities to professionals apart from offering Modern Waterproofing solutions to consumers.

Dr. Fixit offers a wide range of innovative construction chemicals in waterproofing, building repairs, tile fixing, sealants, coatings and paints, grouts and anchors and industrial floorings. The products are easily available in cement, building materials, paints and hardware stores.


Some things in life are irreplaceable. Which is why, Fevikwik is formulated to bring them back to life in just 5 seconds!

This adhesive glue works within seconds to repair broken items, regardless of what material it is, metal, wood, plastic or paper.

Fevikwik is also a perfect partner for all home DIY and arts and crafts projects. The best part is, this instant bonding adhesive even works wonders on expensive items like jewellery, antiques and electronics. Little wonder that Fevikwik is the country’s largest selling instant adhesive

Fevikwik is available in a variety of pack sizes including a handy Rs.5 SKU and can be bought at hardware stores, kiranas, medical shops, stationery outlets, and other outlets.


M-seal is a multi-purpose sealant with 4 main applications – sealing, joining, fixing and building. Its versatility and ease of application makes it commonly used across multiple industry segments, as well as households (DIY) who can use it to mend broken articles, fill gaps, cracks and plug leaks in pipes and joints.

M-Seal is a great asset to the plumbing industry and is used by plumbers, plumbing contractors, auto mechanics and households (DIY) for repair and new construction segments.


There was a time when adhesives were only available in liquid form and paper-to-paper sticking meant sticky fingers and an overall messy experience. Pidilite, being the pioneers in adhesive segment, addressed this issue 20 years back through the launch of Fevistik.

Fevistik made sticking clean and convenient through its innovative rotary gluestick form. Today, Fevistik is India’s highest selling gluestick and is synonymous with the category. It is available in four convenient pack sizes of 5g, 8g, 15g and 22g.


The race to win has become so dominant in our lifestyles, that this has made us forget devoting time to doing the things we really love, our hobbies.

Fevicryl, one of India’s biggest art & craft brand, aims to rekindle this passion with a wide range of innovative products that include colours and accessories.

Fevicryl has been working with women who have a passion for art and have helped convert some of them into successful professionals, or as Pidilite likes to call them, “artepreneurs”.

Hobby Ideas

There was a time when art & craft lovers across India had to make do with substandard products to fulfill their creativity. Good quality products were either rarely available or overpriced as these were mostly imported.

To fulfill this gap, Pidilite launched Hobby Ideas in February 2002 as India’s first chain of art, craft and hobby stores offering over 2500 products, expert advice and exciting workshops. It currently has 5 stores across Mumbai and Pune.

Subsidiaries of Pidilite Industries Ltd

The following are the List of Subsidiaries of Pidilite Industries Ltd

  • a. Nitin Enterprises Subsidiary
  • b. Fevicol Company Ltd Subsidiary
  • c. Bhimad Commercial Company Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • d. Madhumala Ventures Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as Madhumala Traders Pvt Ltd) Subsidiary
  • e. Pagel Concrete Technologies Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • f. Building Envelope Systems India Ltd Subsidiary
  • g. Nina Percept Private Limited (Formerly known as Nina Waterproofing Systems Private Limited) (refer Note 53 (b)) Subsidiary
  • h. Hybrid Coatings Subsidiary
  • i. Pidilite International Pte Ltd Subsidiary
  • j. Pidilite Middle East Ltd Subsidiary
  • k. Pidilite USA Inc Subsidiary
  • l. PIL Trading (Egypt) Company Subsidiary
  • m. PT Pidilite Indonesia Subsidiary
  • n. Pidilite Speciality Chemicals Bangladesh Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • o. Pidilite Innovation Centre Pte Ltd Subsidiary
  • p. Pidilite Industries Egypt – SAE Subsidiary
  • q. Pidilite Bamco Ltd Subsidiary
  • r. Bamco Supply and Services Ltd Subsidiary
  • s. Pulvitec do Brasil Industria e Comercio de Colas e Adesivos Ltda Subsidiary
  • t. Pidilite MEA Chemicals LLC Subsidiary
  • u. Pidilite Industries Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Subsidiary
  • v. Pidilite Chemical PLC Subsidiary
  • w. Pidilite Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Subsidiary
  • x. ICA Pidilite Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • y. Nebula East Africa Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • z. Nina Lanka Construction Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Subsidiary
  • aa. Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt Ltd Subsidiary
  • ab. Pidilite Ventures LLC Subsidiary
  • ac. Pidilite East Africa Limited Subsidiary
  • ad. Pidilite Grupo Puma Pvt Ltd ( w.e.f. 16th September 2019) Subsidiary
  • ae. Pidilite C-Techos Pvt Ltd ( w.e.f. 18th September 2019) Subsidiary
  • af. Pidilite Litokol Pvt Ltd ( w.e.f. 7th October 2019) Subsidiary
  • ag. Pidilite Grupo Puma Manufacturing Ltd (w.e.f. 13th January 2020) Subsidiary
  • ah. Nina Percept (Bangladesh) Pvt Ltd ( w.e.f. 29th January 2020) Subsidiary
  • ai. Pidilite C-Techos Walling Ltd ( w.e.f. 5th March 2020) Subsidiary
  • aj. Vinyl Chemicals (India) Ltd Associate
  • ak. Plus Call Technical Services LLC Substantial Interest in Voting Power (Joint Venture)
  • al. Parekh Marketing Ltd Significant Influence of KMP
  • am. Pargro Investment Pvt Ltd Significant Influence of KMP
  • an. Kalva Marketing and Services Ltd Significant Influence of KMP
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