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Valiant Organics Ltd: Specialty Chemical

Valiant Organics Ltd is a specialty chemicals manufacturing company in India, backed by a legacy of 35 years, having established a reputation of being a highly reliable supplier and a diversified product player, one that is capable of not only meeting but also foreseeing market needs.

The Company has established an all-encompassing domain expertise in manifold process chemistries including Chlorination, Ammonolysis, Acetylation, Hydrogenation, Sulphonation and Methoxylation. The Company produce a range of high-quality products that are used as intermediates in varied industries.

Valiant Organics Limited Profile

Valiant Organics Limited is one of the renowned specialty chemical manufacturers in India with a legacy of more than 3 decades. Backed by rich experience in the sector and deep domain knowledge coupled with robust business model and competitive advantages, the Company has been constantly manufacturing and supplying specialty
chemicals in both domestic and international markets.

The specialty chemicals produced by the Company finds downstream application across various sectors such as agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and dyes and pigment industries,
and veterinary drugs manufacturing.

Further, with the help of the strong R&D team, the Company has not only created a diverse and strong portfolio but also ensured the quality of the products are up to the mark. In addition to a pan-India presence, the Company also exports to countries such as Asia, Europe, and US.

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Valiant Organics Limited Manufacturing

The Company has six integrated manufacturing facilities spread across Gujarat and Maharashtra wherein it produces superior quality specialty chemicals.

  • Sarigam – Chlorination
  • Tarapur – Ammonolysis
  • Vapi – Ammonolysis
  • Jhagadia (Unit 1 & 2) – Hydrogenation, Hydrogenation with condensation, Methoxylation
  • Ahmedabad – Sulphonation and Acetylation

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO of Valiant Organics

Valiant Organics is one of the most competitive producers of Chlorination, Ammonolysis, Acetylation, Hydrogenation, and Methoxylation products. The Company is persistently strengthening manufacturing capacities to attain a distinct edge and enhance profitability.

  • Para Chloro Phenol
  • Ortho Chloro Phenol
  • 2,4 Di Chloro Phenol
  • 2,6 Di Chloro Phenol
  • 2,4,6 Tri Chloro Phenol
  • Ammonolysis
  • Para Nitro Aniline
  • Ortho Chloro
  • Para Nitro Aniline
  • Acetylation
  • 6 Acetyl OAPSA
  • OA Acetanilide
  • PA Acetanilide
  • Hydrogenation
  • Ortho Anisidine
  • Para Anisidine
  • Meta Chloro Aniline
  • Para Amino Phenol
  • Ortho Amino Phenol
  • Sulphonation
  • OT5SA
  • 4B Acid
  • 2B Acid
  • Methoxylation
  • Ortho Nitro Anisole
  • Para Nitro Anisole

The Company is also integrating the processes and consolidating the operations to improve cost efficiency through agile and efficient capacity utilisation.

Valiant Organics Limited is acknowledged amongst the largest specialty chemicals manufacturers in India on an augmented growth path with viable advantages.

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On the back of the continuous expansion plans, the Company has been expanding its presence and widening its portfolio with the help of forward or backward integration. With the help of its integrated operations, the Company has been proactively creating more value for customers and enhancing its margins.

The backward integration at the Jhagadia plant helped the Company manufacture its raw materials in-house, enabling the Company to reduce the dependence on suppliers and giving it a great cost and time advantage, in addition to ensuring better quality control.

These advantages translated into enhanced efficiencies and superior margins for the Company. The Company has been working on scaling its capacities in the Jhagadia facility. During the year, the Company completed the Phase I of Para Amino Phenol (PAP); however, continued efforts to achieve the desired specification of PAP is in progress. The Company’s Phase I expansion of Ortho Amino Phenol (OAP) is
also under way.

With the increasing demand of drug intermediaries, the Company has focussed on achieving forward integration for the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediaries in the
foreseeable future, thereby reducing the imports of these products. On the back of this forward integration, the Company would be able to cater to the growing demand for APIs in the end-user industries, particularly, the pharmaceuticals industry.

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The Company has focussed on hydrogenation expansion, which has reduced its dependence on buying Ortho Nitro Anisole / Para Nitro Anisole from vendors. This expansion has enabled the Company to attain captive consumption of the
aforementioned material for manufacturing Ortho Anisidine / Para Anisidine.

On the sustainability front, 5 out of 6 plants are Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and 1 plant is a member of 163-member Government initiative for industrial waste exchange and by
product recovery facility called Novel Spent Acid Management.

Further, the Company also produces organic-free HCL, which earlier contained organic impurities. Earlier, the Company used to generate solid waste containing 2,4,6 Trichloro phenol (246TCP). With its sharp focus on sustainability, the Company introduced process to separate out 246TCP from the wastage, and scaled it to make it a saleable product, over the years.

The Company has also focussed on implementing Distribution Control System (DCS) across all plants, empowering automation and safety systems in the facilities. This is also expected to enhance the plant efficiencies.

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